Kmart 3479

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Coordinates: 29°30′48″N 98°24′22″W / 29.513273°N 98.406175°W / 29.513273; -98.406175

Kmart #3479
Store number3479
Address2735 Austin Highway
CitySan Antonio, Texas
OpenedNovember 16, 1978
ClosedOctober 23, 1994
TypeGroup 3 full-size
Retail floor area83,713 square feet (7,777.2 m2)
Replaced byKmart #4941
Next tenantFrost National Bank data center

Kmart #3479 was a Kmart discount department store located at 2735 Austin Highway in San Antonio, Texas. The store opened on November 16, 1978, and was tied with seven other Texas stores for the 93rd Kmart in Texas.[1] The store ultimately closed on October 23, 1994, when it was replaced by Kmart 4941.[2][3]