2508 West New Haven Avenue (West Melbourne, Florida)

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Coordinates: 28°04′44″N 80°39′45″W / 28.078972°N 80.6625248°W / 28.078972; -80.6625248

Olive Garden 1238
Former namesOlive Garden 283, Tandy Leather Company, Bob's Leather Shop, The Proctory
General information
TypeRestaurant (formerly Leather Shop)
LocationWest Melbourne, Florida

2508 West New Haven Avenue is, as of August 15, 2020, the address for Olive Garden #1238.

History[edit | edit source]

A sewing supply shop called The Proctory operated at the address in 1983.[1] The building became home to a leather shop called Bob's Leather Shop in 1985, and by 1987 was a location of the Tandy Leather Company.[2][3]

In 1991, permits were granted for land clearing to construct what was then Olive Garden 283, scheduled to open August 19 that year.[4][5][6]

Incidents[edit | edit source]

  • On January 11, 1992 a change purse was stolen at Olive Garden.[7]
  • On March 6, 1992 sunglasses were stolen from a vehicle at Olive Garden.[8]

References[edit | edit source]