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This page is a to-do list of major long-term projects that Bluepages could make possible. Please feel free to add your own (constructive) suggestions to this page. If you have the technical expertise and/or the resources to help make any of these things happen in bulk, please contact the Bluepages administrator at this link.

  • Automatically generate street articles with navigation wikitables. OpenStreetMap data should make it possible to automatically create articles with tables like these ones, even if most of the explanatory text will still require a human to write coherently. However, the process of converting the data into coherent articles would be very complicated.
  • Establish Bluepages in other languages. In order to build a truly global historical directory, we need to be able to bring together information and ideas from all cultures and all parts of the world. Creating a translingual Bluepages will present its own challenges, because most places in the world are only relevant to speakers of a few languages, and we can't expect every page connected to a page in English to also be in English.
  • Build a global and local Bluepages community. Establish local project groups in communities all over the world, similar to Wikipedia's WikiProjects and OpenStreetMap's local chapters. Make sure that these groups have autonomy, and allow them the chance to cover their own communities differently from other groups, while also ensuring basic consistency and cooperation all over the site.
  • Produce our own reliable sources based on new information. Because Bluepages encourages original research, part of our mission is to synthesize new information from a variety of existing resources. This new information is valuable, especially because it allows for a brand-new, from-the-ground-up history of many large organizations to be constructed. Going forward, the Bluepages community should look for ways to create reliable, credible secondary sources of our own from this new information, and cooperate with other organizations (particularly Wikipedia) to spread the knowledge they contain.
  • Establish a broad definition of what Bluepages can do. Bluepages is a wiki built around inclusion in all its forms, and the belief that no place on earth is insignificant enough to be forgotten. We need it to be clear to all users that their (location-based) interests are welcome here, and that all of them are connected to one another. We should all be willing to consider new and creative uses of this site, as long as they don't conflict with the site's existing mission.