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Digital archives of historic newspapers, especially easily searchable ones, are one of the most powerful tools there is for building a historical directory like Bluepages. This page is intended to collect links to newspaper archives that can be accessed for free, either by anyone or by those with a library card from a given institution. The list is woefully incomplete, so if you know of any such websites that aren't listed yet, please feel free to add them. Please do not add any links to services which cannot be accessed without paying a fee, or which require a person to visit a library branch to access the content.

Common providers[edit source]

NewsBankThis is a link to a Wikipedia article is one of the most common digitization providers on this list, since many of the papers it has digitized are freely accessible to anyone with a card from the public library in the newspaper's city or region. However, NewsBank does not freely host clippings, so it's recommended that anyone using NewsBank as a source for editing Bluepages should clip and download the relevant section, then upload and host the file somewhere permanent, such as the Internet Archive.

Google News hosts thousands of historical newspapers which are accessible for free. However, the project is no longer maintained, no new issues or papers have been added since 2009, and the existing pages are no longer searchable. Additionally, some newspapers have disappeared without warning after their digital archives were transferred to other services.

Advantage Preservation hosts hundreds of historical newspapers from the United States which are freely accessible and searchable. Advantage Preservation is an especially common provider for newspapers from Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.

By contrast, Newspapers.comThis is a link to a Wikipedia article and NewspaperArchiveThis is a link to a Wikipedia article are two of the largest digital newspaper archives in North America, but they require a paid subscription for access. They may provide free access to library cardholders for newspapers in some cities, however. As with NewsBank, the newspapers they have digitized should only be listed on this page if this access is offered.

Russia[edit source]

  • OldGazette (Старые газеты) has a collection of old Russian and Soviet newspapers in .DjVu and HTML format.

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