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Kmart 763276322310 South State Highway 29 (Alexandria, Minnesota)Alexandria, Minnesota16 November 1987May 2014Expanded86,185 square feet (8,006.8 m2)
Kmart 389738971100 West US-10 (Anoka, Minnesota)Anoka, Minnesota9 September 1991December 2014Series 3687,102 square feet (8,092.0 m2)
Kmart 755975597575 West 153rd Street (Apple Valley, Minnesota)Apple Valley, Minnesota19832002Expanded87,543 square feet (8,133.0 m2)
Kmart 357835781400 18th Avenue Northwest (Austin, Minnesota)Austin, Minnesota19912010Series 3895,842 square feet (8,904.0 m2)
Kmart 721572151101 North Main Street (Austin, Minnesota)Austin, Minnesota19791991
Kmart 95259525Westgate Mall (Baxter, Minnesota)1296 State Highway 210 West (Baxter, Minnesota)Baxter, MinnesotaNovember 1979November 2004Undersized60,842 square feet (5,652.4 m2)
Kmart 92049204Paul Bunyan Mall (Bemidji, Minnesota)1201 Paul Bunyan Drive Northwest (Bemidji, Minnesota)Bemidji, Minnesota1977September 2012Expanded98,076 square feet (9,111.6 m2)
Kmart 303130318949 University Avenue Northeast (Blaine, Minnesota)Blaine, Minnesota30 November 1972December 2014Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 74687468801 Clover Drive (Bloomington, Minnesota)Bloomington, Minnesota9 November 1980December 1985
Kmart 355235523600 63rd Avenue North (Brooklyn Center, Minnesota)Brooklyn Center, Minnesota9 November 1980December 1985
Kmart 303730375930 Earle Brown Drive (Brooklyn Center, Minnesota)Brooklyn Center, Minnesota29 June 1972November 2000
Kmart 9383938314230 Burnhaven Drive (Burnsville, Minnesota)Burnsville, Minnesota14 March 1999December 2014Previously-owned building114,547 square feet (10,641.8 m2)Builders Square
Kmart 31633163400 East Travelers Trail (Burnsville, Minnesota)Burnsville, Minnesota25 November 197314 March 1999
Kmart 304230424747 Central Avenue Northeast (Columbia Heights, Minnesota)Columbia Heights, Minnesota28 September 19722002Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 746774672100 Northdale Boulevard Northwest (Coon Rapids, Minnesota)Coon Rapids, Minnesota9 November 1980February 1995
Kmart 712171217282 Point Douglas Drive South (Cottage Grove, Minnesota)Cottage Grove, Minnesota22 August 1976February 1995
Kmart 377537751305 US-10 West (Detroit Lakes, Minnesota)Detroit Lakes, Minnesota31 January 1991March 2017Series 3687,102 square feet (8,092.0 m2)
Kmart 319031901734 Mall Drive (Duluth, Minnesota)Duluth, Minnesota19752012Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 37813781215 North Central Avenue (Duluth, Minnesota)Duluth, Minnesota18 November 1991September 2018Series 3686,079 square feet (7,997.0 m2)
Kmart 74657465503 North 50th Avenue West (Duluth, Minnesota)Duluth, Minnesota17 November 1991
Kmart 37773777404 Schilling Drive (Dundas, Minnesota)Dundas, Minnesota8 April 1991April 2016Series 3687,104 square feet (8,092.2 m2)
Kmart 377837781215 North State Street (Fairmont, Minnesota)Fairmont, Minnesota1990Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 95409540901 Faribault Road (Faribault, Minnesota)Faribault, Minnesota1979February 1995
Kmart 953795371403 West Lincoln Avenue (Fergus Falls, Minnesota)Fergus Falls, Minnesota22 March 1979March 2014Expanded83,552 square feet (7,762.2 m2)
Kmart 395239524850 228th Street North (Forest Lake, Minnesota)Forest Lake, Minnesota19932002Series 38L91,282 square feet (8,480.4 m2)
Kmart 732673261111 South Pokegama Avenue (Grand Rapids, Minnesota)Grand Rapids, Minnesota17 May 19792014Previously-owned building88,778 square feet (8,247.7 m2)Goldfine's
Kmart 95889588990 West 41st Street (Hibbing, Minnesota)Hibbing, Minnesota19792002Expanded84,350 square feet (7,836 m2)
Kmart 965996591090 MN-15 (Hutchinson, Minnesota)Hutchinson, Minnesota19812002Expanded83,552 square feet (7,762.2 m2)
Kmart 968996891606 Highway 11-71 (International Falls, Minnesota)International Falls, Minnesota23 July 198115 December 2019Expanded82,986 square feet (7,709.7 m2)
Kmart 770477041940 Adams Street (Mankato, Minnesota)Mankato, Minnesota19942002Series 40L113,442 square feet (10,539.1 m2)
Kmart 351035101760 Madison Avenue (Mankato, Minnesota)Mankato, Minnesota19801994
Kmart 7463746313701 Grove Drive (Maple Grove, Minnesota)Maple Grove, Minnesota19862003Expanded87,944 square feet (8,170.3 m2)
Kmart 355335531740 Van Dyke Street (Maplewood, Minnesota)Maplewood, Minnesota9 November 1980December 1985
Kmart 378037801001 MN-23 (Marshall, Minnesota)Marshall, Minnesota12 July 19902014Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 3405340510 West Lake Street (Minneapolis, Minnesota)Minneapolis, Minnesota5 March 1978June 2020Pre-1987 Prototype91,805 square feet (8,529.0 m2)
Kmart 3052305217501 MN-7 (Minnetonka, Minnesota)Minnetonka, Minnesota30 November 19722009Pre-1987 Prototype95,810 square feet (8,901 m2)
Kmart 38663866300 West 7th Street (Monticello, Minnesota)Monticello, Minnesota19902012Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 721672163000 US-10 East (Moorhead, Minnesota)Moorhead, Minnesota19 March 1979December 2016Expanded87,543 square feet (8,133.0 m2)
Kmart 304530454300 Xylon Avenue North (New Hope, Minnesota)New Hope, Minnesota29 June 19722012Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 377937792107 North Garden Street (New Ulm, Minnesota)New Ulm, Minnesota19902012Series 3686,688 square feet (8,053.6 m2)
Kmart 919891982015 South Broadway (New Ulm, Minnesota)New Ulm, Minnesota19771990
Kmart 710671067191 10th Street North (Oakdale, Minnesota)Oakdale, Minnesota18 November 19792011Expanded87,406 square feet (8,120.3 m2)
Kmart 97819781140 North Tyler Road (Red Wing, Minnesota)Red Wing, Minnesota19832003Expanded83,514 square feet (7,758.7 m2)
Kmart 718971896501 Lyndale Avenue South (Richfield, Minnesota)Richfield, Minnesota19792009Undersized72,930 square feet (6,775 m2)
Kmart 43514351201 Ninth Street Southeast (Rochester, Minnesota)Rochester, Minnesota4 November 1971March 2019Pre-1987 Prototype94,500 square feet (8,780 m2)
Kmart 35813581850 Northwest 37th Street (Rochester, Minnesota)Rochester, Minnesota19811985
Kmart 938693861698 Vierling Drive East (Shakopee, Minnesota)Shakopee, Minnesota20002003Series 42L SPECIAL98,903 square feet (9,188.4 m2)
Kmart 963896381200 Shakopee (Shakopee, Minnesota)Shakopee, Minnesota9 November 19802000
Kmart 355435543330 West Division Street (St. Cloud, Minnesota)St. Cloud, Minnesota20 November 1980
Kmart 746674663700 Highway 100 South (St. Louis Park, Minnesota)St. Louis Park, MinnesotaNovember 19801983
Kmart 480348031450 University Avenue West (St. Paul, Minnesota)St. Paul, Minnesota19972003Series 39L116,742 square feet (10,845.7 m2)
Kmart 30593059245 East Maryland Avenue (St. Paul, Minnesota)St. Paul, Minnesota22 February 197315 December 2019Pre-1987 Prototype95,932 square feet (8,912.4 m2)
Kmart 303630361645 Kasota Avenue (St. Paul, Minnesota)St. Paul, Minnesota1973
Kmart 961296125909 Omaha Avenue North (Stillwater, Minnesota)Stillwater, Minnesota18 November 1979October 1995
Kmart 953495341547 US-59 South (Thief River Falls, Minnesota)Thief River Falls, Minnesota28 September 1978January 2018Expanded55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)
Kmart 76207620Thunderbird Mall (Virginia, Minnesota)Virginia, Minnesota13 November 1986April 2016Previously-owned building83,970 square feet (7,801 m2)Woolco
Kmart 4882488240 2nd Street South (Waite Park, Minnesota)Waite Park, Minnesota19 October 1992December 2014Series 38L91,266 square feet (8,478.9 m2)
Kmart 344534451640 South Robert Street (West St. Paul, Minnesota)West St. Paul, Minnesota20 November 1978
Kmart 9397939750 Signal Hill Mall (West St. Paul, Minnesota)West St. Paul, Minnesota16 July 2000December 2016Series 42L103,015 square feet (9,570.4 m2)
Kmart 303430343201 White Bear Avenue (White Bear Lake, Minnesota)White Bear Lake, Minnesota28 September 19722012Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 732873281605 First Street South (Willmar, Minnesota)Willmar, Minnesota19792011Previously-owned building90,962 square feet (8,450.6 m2)Goldfine's
Kmart 721472141122 US-61 (Winona, Minnesota)Winona, Minnesota10 April 19802014Expanded87,543 square feet (8,133.0 m2)
Kmart 906490641635 Oxford Street (Worthington, Minnesota)Worthington, Minnesota1976June 2000