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Kmart 7052705210541 D'Iberville Boulevard (Biloxi, Mississippi)Biloxi, Mississippi3 March 19762002Expanded91,653 square feet (8,514.8 m2)
Kmart 92929292Eastgate Shopping Center (Cleveland, Mississippi)Highway 8 East (Cleveland, Mississippi)Cleveland, Mississippi1979February 1995
Kmart 98079807Town Square (Columbia, Mississippi)924 Highway 13 South (Columbia, Mississippi)Columbia, Mississippi8 October 1987February 1995TG&Y
Kmart 771977192308 US-45 North (Columbus, Mississippi)Columbus, Mississippi27 October 199425 November 2018Series 40R113,442 square feet (10,539.1 m2)
Kmart 315631561484 Old Aberdeen Road (Columbus, Mississippi)Columbus, Mississippi29 November 1973October 1994
Kmart 48834883118 Highway 72 West (Corinth, Mississippi)Corinth, Mississippi16 November 1992July 2016Series 37L104,231 square feet (9,683.4 m2)
Kmart 954495442525 US-90 West (Gautier, Mississippi)Gautier, Mississippi19802002Undersized55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)
Kmart 421342133001 US-82 East (Greenville, Mississippi)Greenville, Mississippi20 November 197210 April 2016Pre-1987 Prototype84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)
Kmart 366336631355 East Pass Road (Gulfport, Mississippi)Gulfport, Mississippi17 November 198810 November 2013Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 70897089Hardy Court Shopping Center (Gulfport, Mississippi)Gulfport, Mississippi1976
Kmart 95209520Delmar Plaza (Gulfport, Mississippi)12057-A Highway 49 (Gulfport, Mississippi)Gulfport, Mississippi13 March 1980March 2019Undersized55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)
Kmart 493049304501 Hardy Street (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)Hattiesburg, Mississippi19942002SK 3R166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)
Kmart 727372731000 Broadway Drive (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)Hattiesburg, Mississippi24 November 19781994
Kmart 98529852597 Beasley Road (Jackson, Mississippi)Jackson, Mississippi20 September 200113 April 2003Kmart #4940
Kmart 308130815465 Interstate 55 North (Jackson, Mississippi)Jackson, Mississippi16 August 19734 November 1992
Kmart 49404940597 Beasley Road (Jackson, Mississippi)Jackson, Mississippi5 November 1992November 2000Kmart #9852
Kmart 309030903750 Highway 80 West (Jackson, Mississippi)Jackson, Mississippi16 August 19731997
Kmart 485348532139 MS-15 (Laurel, Mississippi)Laurel, Mississippi19922002Series 38R94,658 square feet (8,794.0 m2)
Kmart 37573757214 East Beach Boulevard (Long Beach, Mississippi)Long Beach, Mississippi199029 August 2005Series 3686,580 square feet (8,044 m2)
Kmart 37003700105 South Frontage Road (Meridian, Mississippi)Meridian, Mississippi19892003Series 3686,574 square feet (8,043.0 m2)
Kmart 76427642280 John R. Junkin Drive (Natchez, Mississippi)Natchez, Mississippi2 November 1987December 2016Previously-owned building77,569 square feet (7,206.4 m2)Howard's
Kmart 911591152200 Bienville Boulevard (Ocean Springs, Mississippi)Ocean Springs, MississippiOctober 1989
Kmart 372637263174 Bienville Boulevard (Ocean Springs, Mississippi)Ocean Springs, MississippiOctober 1989November 2000
Kmart 387238723943 Denny Avenue (Pascagoula, Mississippi)Pascagoula, Mississippi19932002Series 38R94,822 square feet (8,809.3 m2)
Kmart 709170913515 Denny Avenue (Pascagoula, Mississippi)Pascagoula, Mississippi19761993
Kmart 43604360560 Stateline Road West (Southaven, Mississippi)Southaven, Mississippi17 April 19754 June 199595,000 square feet (8,800 m2)Kmart #4969
Kmart 49694969550 State Line Road (Southaven, Mississippi)Southaven, Mississippi5 June 19952005SK 5L178,158 square feet (16,551.4 m2)Kmart #4360
Kmart 387138711001 Barnes Crossing Road (Tupelo, Mississippi)Tupelo, Mississippi199116 April 1996
Kmart 390039003408 Pemberton Square Boulevard (Vicksburg, Mississippi)Vicksburg, Mississippi19912002Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 96829682344 US-90 West (Waveland, Mississippi)Waveland, Mississippi6 November 1980November 2013Expanded67,872 square feet (6,305.5 m2)
Kmart 91319131740 East 15th Street (Yazoo City, Mississippi)Yazoo City, Mississippi6 May 197616 April 1994W.T. Grant
Kmart 48204820110 North Jerry Clower Boulevard (Yazoo City, Mississippi)Yazoo City, Mississippi17 April 19942003Series 38R92,022 square feet (8,549.1 m2)