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Kmart 362236222376 Main Street (Billings, Montana)Billings, Montana19872002Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 430343032424 Central Avenue (Billings, Montana)Billings, Montana9 April 1970July 2016Expanded104,000 square feet (9,700 m2)
Kmart 702770271126 North 7th Avenue (Bozeman, Montana)Bozeman, Montana14 November 1974January 2015Expanded90,651 square feet (8,421.8 m2)
Kmart 374937493300 Harrison Avenue (Butte, Montana)Butte, Montana16 November 1989April 2018Series 3686,079 square feet (7,997.0 m2)
Kmart 930693061515 West Bell Street (Glendive, Montana)Glendive, Montana19 November 1981October 2017Undersized40,840 square feet (3,794 m2)
Kmart 309430941000 3rd Street Northwest (Great Falls, Montana)Great Falls, Montana28 February 1974October 2017Pre-1987 Prototype84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)
Kmart 745474544400 10th Avenue South (Great Falls, Montana)Great Falls, Montana20 November 1980November 2000
Kmart 980898081235 North First Street (Hamilton, Montana)Hamilton, Montana17 November 19886 March 2022Undersized57,759 square feet (5,366.0 m2)
Kmart 904790472100 Highway 2 East (Havre, Montana)Havre, Montana11 November 1976199240,288 square feet (3,742.9 m2)
Kmart 481448143180 US-2 West (Havre, Montana)Havre, Montana16 November 1992September 2018Series 38L91,266 square feet (8,478.9 m2)
Kmart 702970291700 Cedar Street (Helena, Montana)Helena, Montana24 October 1974April 2018Expanded82,645 square feet (7,678.0 m2)
Kmart 7030703024 La Salle Road (Kalispell, Montana)2024 Us Highway 2 East (Kalispell, Montana)Kalispell, Montana11 July 1974December 2019Expanded82,747 square feet (7,687.4 m2)
Kmart 95569556611 South Hayes (Miles City, Montana)Miles City, Montana1979November 2000
Kmart 307230723626 Brooks Street (Missoula, Montana)Missoula, Montana22 February 19732012Pre-1987 Prototype84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)

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