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Kmart 911991193201 North White Sands Boulevard (Alamogordo, New Mexico)Alamogordo, New Mexico6 May 1976September 2017Previously-owned building89,923 square feet (8,354.1 m2)Grant
Kmart 413641362100 Carlisle Ave Northeast (Albuquerque, New Mexico)Albuquerque, New Mexico20 October 1966September 2018Pre-1987 Prototype79,582 square feet (7,393.4 m2)
Kmart 34443444Sierra Vista Shopping Center (Albuquerque, New Mexico)9500 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast (Albuquerque, New Mexico)Albuquerque, New Mexico21 September 1978September 2013Pre-1987 Prototype84,010 square feet (7,805 m2)
Kmart 440044004208 Central Avenue Southwest (Albuquerque, New Mexico)Albuquerque, New Mexico11 February 19712014Pre-1987 Prototype84,105 square feet (7,813.6 m2)
Kmart 34903490300 Menaul Boulevard Northwest (Albuquerque, New Mexico)Albuquerque, New Mexico18 October 1978January 1997Previously-owned building112,650 square feet (10,466 m2)Globe Shopping CityAlbuquerque Technical Vocational Institute Workforce Training Center
Kmart 349434947100 Lomas Boulevard Northeast (Albuquerque, New Mexico)Albuquerque, New Mexico18 October 19787 January 1995Previously-owned building101,246 square feet (9,406.1 m2)Globe Shopping CityMarketPlace New Mexico (store)
CASA Supercenter (auto center)
Kmart 926792672307 West Main Street (Artesia, New Mexico)Artesia, New Mexico1 November 1979August 2016Expanded85,783 square feet (7,969.5 m2)
Kmart 917091702320 West Pierce Street (Carlsbad, New Mexico)Carlsbad, New Mexico19772002Undersized40,300 square feet (3,740 m2)
Kmart 701570152001 Prince Street (Clovis, New Mexico)Clovis, New Mexico23 May 19742002Expanded88,914 square feet (8,260.4 m2)
Kmart 919291922300 Highway 70-80 East (Deming, New Mexico)RR#2 (Deming, New Mexico)Deming, New Mexico17 November 197712 October 199540,000 square feet (3,700 m2)
Kmart 775577551205 East Pine Street (Deming, New Mexico)Deming, New Mexico12 October 1995December 2016Series 38L91,266 square feet (8,478.9 m2)
Kmart 703570353000 East Main Street (Farmington, New Mexico)Farmington, New Mexico10 October 1974April 2020Expanded90,651 square feet (8,421.8 m2)
Kmart 736773671312 West I-40 Frontage Road (Gallup, New Mexico)Gallup, New Mexico19812003Expanded82,926 square feet (7,704.1 m2)
Kmart 701670162220 North Grimes Street (Hobbs, New Mexico)Hobbs, New Mexico23 May 1974April 2020Expanded88,888 square feet (8,258.0 m2)
Kmart 368236821900 Bataan Memorial (Las Cruces, New Mexico)Las Cruces, New Mexico4 August 1988September 2017Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 305830581240 South El Paseo Drive (Las Cruces, New Mexico)Las Cruces, New Mexico5 April 1973September 2017Pre-1987 Prototype84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)Real Life Church
Kmart 926692662506 7th Street (Las Vegas, New Mexico)Las Vegas, New Mexico1979February 1995
Kmart 923892381235 South 2nd Street (Raton, New Mexico)Raton, New Mexico31 May 1979April 2018Undersized40,050 square feet (3,721 m2)
Kmart 35513551Hilltop Plaza (Rio Rancho, New Mexico)1640 Rio Rancho Drive Southeast (Rio Rancho, New Mexico)Rio Rancho, New Mexico26 April 1990December 2014Series 3686,590 square feet (8,044 m2)
Kmart 701770171705 South Main Street (Roswell, New Mexico)Roswell, New Mexico20 June 1974March 2019Expanded82,611 square feet (7,674.8 m2)
Kmart 330133011712 St Michael's Dr (Santa Fe, New Mexico)Santa Fe, New Mexico9 September 1976December 2019Pre-1987 Prototype91,805 square feet (8,529.0 m2)
Kmart 90629062Highway 180 East (Silver City, New Mexico)Silver City, New Mexico18 November 1976February 199540,249 square feet (3,739.3 m2)
Kmart 926492642100 East Tucumcari Boulevard (Tucumcari, New Mexico)Tucumcari, New Mexico19 November 1979April 2018Undersized40,050 square feet (3,721 m2)