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Kmart 425842581520 Wooster Avenue (Akron, Ohio)Akron, Ohio17 April 196926 April 1986Builders SquareTops Markets
Kmart 441444142975 South Arlington Road (Akron, Ohio)Akron, Ohio11 March 19712003Pre-1987 Prototype97,251 square feet (9,034.9 m2)Kohl's
Kmart 731973192891 East Waterloo Road (Akron, Ohio)Akron, Ohio7 August 198017 October 1986
Kmart 79057905Carnation Mall (Alliance, Ohio)2500 West State Street (Alliance, Ohio)Alliance, Ohio1983November 2000
Kmart 950295022300 Claremount Avenue (Ashland, Ohio)Ashland, Ohio19772002Expanded91,597 square feet (8,509.6 m2)
Kmart 47454745Ashtabula Towne Square (Ashtabula, Ohio)3315 North Ridge Road East (Ashtabula, Ohio)Ashtabula, Ohio10 August 1992July 2016146,782 square feet (13,636.5 m2)
Kmart 315731574941 North Ridge West (Ashtabula, Ohio)Ashtabula, Ohio10 October 1974August 1992Kmart #4745
Kmart 764176411006 East State Street (Athens, Ohio)Athens, Ohio19882003Undersized67,332 square feet (6,255.3 m2)
Kmart 422942294475 Mahoning Avenue (Austintown, Ohio)Austintown, Ohio21 March 1968January 2018Pre-1987 Prototype84,061 square feet (7,809.5 m2)
Kmart 73837383Magic City Plaza (Barberton, Ohio)241 Wooster Rd North (Barberton, Ohio)Barberton, Ohio11 August 198015 December 2019Expanded95,670 square feet (8,888 m2)
Kmart 423342331209 Boardman Poland Road (Boardman, Ohio)Boardman, Ohio13 June 1968April 2016Expanded104,122 square feet (9,673.3 m2)
Kmart 719071901111 South Main Street (Bowling Green, Ohio)Bowling Green, Ohio19782002Expanded87,543 square feet (8,133.0 m2)
Kmart 496649667700 Brookpark Road (Brooklyn, Ohio)Brooklyn, Ohio14 August 199512 October 2014SK 5R178,158 square feet (16,551.4 m2)Kmart 4266
Kmart 426642667400 Brookpark Road (Brooklyn, Ohio)Brooklyn, Ohio23 October 196914 August 1995Kmart 4966
Kmart 328632863301 Center Road (Brunswick, Ohio)Brunswick, Ohio10 April 197515 December 2019Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 900090001204 North High Street (Bryan, Ohio)Bryan, Ohio15 August 19741991
Kmart 396039601120 South Main Street (Bryan, Ohio)Bryan, Ohio19912009Series 3896,517 square feet (8,966.7 m2)
Kmart 903990392460 East Mansfield Road (Bucyrus, Ohio)Bucyrus, Ohio24 June 197617 March 199940,000 square feet (3,700 m2)Hebco Products'"`UNIQ--ref-000000B7-QINU`"'
Kmart 910091001755 Southgate Parkway (Cambridge, Ohio)Cambridge, Ohio13 May 197616 November 1995
Kmart 3555355561690 Southgate Parkway (Cambridge, Ohio)Cambridge, Ohio16 November 1995April 2018Series 40L113,442 square feet (10,539.1 m2)
Kmart 417541753801 Harmont Avenue Northeast (Canton, Ohio)Canton, Ohio9 March 1967December 2016Expanded98,553 square feet (9,155.9 m2)
Kmart 75497549Centerville Square Shopping Center (Centerville, Ohio)8900 Dayton-Lebanon Pike and 896 South Main Street (Centerville, Ohio)Centerville, Ohio12 November 1981June 1992
Kmart 9782978217625 Chillicothe Road (Chagrin Falls, Ohio)Chagrin Falls, Ohio19822012Undersized55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)
Kmart 493749371470 North Bridge Street (Chillicothe, Ohio)Chillicothe, Ohio29 August 1994May 2016SK 2R166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)
Kmart 32263226867 North Bridge Street (Chillicothe, Ohio)Chillicothe, Ohio19 September 1974December 1994
Kmart 341134115750 Harrison Avenue (Cincinnati, Ohio)Cincinnati, Ohio19802011Pre-1987 Prototype84,280 square feet (7,830 m2)
Kmart 329932995025 Delhi Road (Cincinnati, Ohio)Cincinnati, Ohio20 November 19752003Pre-1987 Prototype96,268 square feet (8,943.6 m2)
Kmart 485248527528 Beechmont Avenue (Cincinnati, Ohio)Cincinnati, Ohio18 May 19922014Previously-owned building91,384 square feet (8,489.9 m2)Hills
Kmart 41654165Colerain Hills Shopping Center (Cincinnati, Ohio)8451 Colerain Road (Cincinnati, Ohio)Cincinnati, Ohio19 October 1967December 2004Pre-1987 Prototype81,720 square feet (7,592 m2)
Kmart 350735074150 Hunt Road (Cincinnati, Ohio)Blue Ash (Cincinnati, Ohio)Cincinnati, Ohio20 November 19802014Pre-1987 Prototype89,492 square feet (8,314.1 m2)
Kmart 7753775312171 Omniplex Ct (Cincinnati, Ohio)Cincinnati, Ohio27 August 19954 January 2009Series 40R118,208 square feet (10,981.9 m2)
Kmart 415341538680 Beechmont Avenue (Cincinnati, Ohio)Cincinnati, Ohio16 March 19671991
Kmart 756275622215 Waycross Road (Cincinnati, Ohio)Forest Park (Cincinnati, Ohio)Cincinnati, Ohio14 October 1982August 1995
Kmart 417341735500 Ridge Avenue (Cincinnati, Ohio)Cincinnati, Ohio17 August 19672003Expanded101,620 square feet (9,441 m2)
Kmart 301330137701 Broadview Road (Cleveland, Ohio)Cleveland, Ohio31 August 197217 March 2019Pre-1987 Prototype99,648 square feet (9,257.6 m2)
Kmart 3589358914901 Lorain Avenue (Cleveland, Ohio)Cleveland, Ohio26 November 1982January 2018Pre-1987 Prototype84,280 square feet (7,830 m2)
Kmart 7647764716300 Lake Shore Boulevard (Cleveland, Ohio)Cleveland, OhioNovember 1987Previously-owned buildingCooks
Kmart 368736876801 Broadway Southeast (Cleveland, Ohio)Cleveland, OhioNovember 19872002Previously-owned building83,723 square feet (7,778.1 m2)Cooks
Kmart 329232923250 West 65th Street (Cleveland, Ohio)Cleveland, Ohio20 November 19752010Pre-1987 Prototype96,268 square feet (8,943.6 m2)
Kmart 326132613463 South High Street (Columbus, Ohio)Columbus, Ohio10 July 19752002Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 326532655005 Olentangy River Road (Columbus, Ohio)Columbus, Ohio10 July 19752012Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 329032903800 West Broad Street (Columbus, Ohio)Columbus, Ohio15 September 19772002Pre-1987 Prototype84,280 square feet (7,830 m2)
Kmart 327232723100 Hamilton Road (Columbus, Ohio)Columbus, Ohio25 September 19752012Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 331933193616 East Broad Street (Columbus, Ohio)Columbus, Ohio18 October 197915 November 2000
Kmart 97039703199 Gateway Avenue (Conneaut, Ohio)Conneaut, Ohio29 October 1981June 2014Undersized60,842 square feet (5,652.4 m2)
Kmart 310031002250 Miamisburg-Centerville Road (Dayton, Ohio)Dayton, Ohio29 May 1975Pre-1987 Prototype95,933 square feet (8,912.5 m2)
Kmart 41794179601 Woodman Drive (Dayton, Ohio)Dayton, Ohio3 August 1967October 2017Expanded105,217 square feet (9,775.0 m2)
Kmart 326732677611 Old Troy Pike (Dayton, Ohio)Dayton, Ohio19752010Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 340734074480 Indian Ripple Road (Dayton, Ohio)Dayton, Ohio17 November 1977July 2017Pre-1987 Prototype84,280 square feet (7,830 m2)
Kmart 49034903190 Stadium Drive (Defiance, Ohio)Defiance, Ohio1993September 2008SK 1R171,266 square feet (15,911.1 m2)
Kmart 7209720915891 State Route 170 (East Liverpool, Ohio)East Liverpool, Ohio27 March 1980December 2018Expanded87,543 square feet (8,133.0 m2)
Kmart 4263426333752 Vine Street (Eastlake, Ohio)Eastlake, Ohio14 November 19682010Pre-1987 Prototype93,467 square feet (8,683.4 m2)
Kmart 481548151705 State Route 127 North (Eaton, Ohio)Eaton, Ohio1 November 1993July 2016Series 38L94,840 square feet (8,811 m2)
Kmart 37663766445 Midway Boulevard (Elyria, Ohio)Elyria, Ohio1989November 2000Prevously-owned BuildingGold Circle
Kmart 981798175211 Cobblestone Road (Elyria, Ohio)Elyria, Ohio15 November 20002003142,522 square feet (13,240.7 m2)
Kmart 31113111360 West National Road (Englewood, Ohio)Englewood, Ohio31 July 1975July 2016Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 3562356226100 Brush Avenue/Euclid Avenue (Euclid, Ohio)Euclid, Ohio20 November 19801996Previously-owned building108,778 square feet (10,105.8 m2)Clarkins
Kmart 499249921200 Babbit Road (Euclid, Ohio)Euclid, Ohio19962003Previously-owned building186,190 square feet (17,298 m2)Twin Valu
Kmart 30333033Five Points Plaza (Fairborn, Ohio)224 East Day-Yel Springs Road (Fairborn, Ohio)Fairborn, Ohio31 July 1975December 2014Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 373137311800 Tiffin Avenue (Findlay, Ohio)Findlay, Ohio19902003Series 3686,864 square feet (8,069.9 m2)
Kmart 95879587Fort Findlay Village Shopping Center (Findlay, Ohio)1860 Tiffin Avenue (Findlay, Ohio)Findlay, Ohio1990
Kmart 90969096620 Plaza Dr (Fostoria, Ohio)Fostoria, Ohio24 June 1976March 2019Previously-owned building52,571 square feet (4,884.0 m2)Grant
Kmart 378437841825 North State Route 19 (Fremont, Ohio)Fremont, Ohio16 August 1993July 2016SK 1R171,266 square feet (15,911.1 m2)
Kmart 33383338300 South Hamilton Road (Gahanna, Ohio)Gahanna, Ohio24 June 19762003Pre-1987 Prototype84,313 square feet (7,832.9 m2)
Kmart 95389538185 Upper River Road (Gallipolis, Ohio)Gallipolis, Ohio2 August 1979March 2017Expanded83,552 square feet (7,762.2 m2)
Kmart 3278327812501 Rockside Road (Garfield Heights, Ohio)Garfield Heights, Ohio18 November 1976October 2017Pre-1987 Prototype84,313 square feet (7,832.9 m2)
Kmart 90059005695 Wagner Avenue (Greenville, Ohio)Greenville, Ohio21 November 19742014Expanded87,104 square feet (8,092.2 m2)
Kmart 739773972400 Stringtown Road (Grove City, Ohio)Grove City, Ohio6 November 198015 December 2019Undersized72,967 square feet (6,778.9 m2)
Kmart 375637561416 Hamilton Richmond Road (Hamilton, Ohio)Hamilton, Ohio19892002Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 472447241780 Erie Highway South (Hamilton, Ohio)Hamilton, Ohio19912011Previously-owned building91,642 square feet (8,513.8 m2)Ames
Kmart 75977597Hamilton West Shopping Center (Hamilton, Ohio)64 North Brookwood Avenue (Hamilton, Ohio)Hamilton, Ohio19831989Previously-owned buildingWoolcoHills
Kmart 416741673111 Dixie Highway (Hamilton, Ohio)Hamilton, Ohio21 March 19681991
Kmart 7644764410560 Harrison Avenue (Harrison, Ohio)Harrison, Ohio25 November 198715 December 2019Previously-owned building94,670 square feet (8,795 m2)Cooks
Kmart 441744176235 Wilson Mills Road (Highland Heights, Ohio)Highland Heights, Ohio15 July 19711985Builders Square
Kmart 770077003780 Park Mill Run Drive (Hilliard, Ohio)Hilliard, Ohio20 October 19942003Series 40R118,171 square feet (10,978.4 m2)
Kmart 496449641249 North High Street (Hillsboro, Ohio)Hillsboro, Ohio6 February 1995January 2018SK 7L138,479 square feet (12,865.1 m2)
Kmart 348534851487 North High Street (Hillsboro, Ohio)Hillsboro, Ohio19786 February 1995
Kmart 922992291100 North High Street (Hillsboro, Ohio)Hillsboro, Ohio1978
Kmart 329332931830 East Main Street (Kent, Ohio)Kent, Ohio5 August 1976November 2000
Kmart 92309230950 East Columbus Street (Kenton, Ohio)Kenton, Ohio19782 February 1995Kmart #7736
Kmart 773677361005 East Columbus Street (Kenton, Ohio)Kenton, Ohio2 February 1995March 2017Series 38L96,066 square feet (8,924.8 m2)Kmart #9230
Kmart 713171311627 Memorial Drive (Lancaster, Ohio)Lancaster, Ohio21 September 1978May 2016Expanded91,653 square feet (8,514.8 m2)
Kmart 944894481425 Columbus Avenue (Lebanon, Ohio)Lebanon, Ohio13 September 200113 April 2003New (2000s model)84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)Kroger #447
Kmart 753275322250 Harding Highway (Lima, Ohio)Lima, Ohio22 September 1983July 2016Expanded100,239 square feet (9,312.5 m2)
Kmart 430143012200 West Allentown Road (Lima, Ohio)Lima, Ohio1969January 2010Previously-owned building103,127 square feet (9,580.8 m2)Grant
Kmart 75477547238 Lafayette Street (London, Ohio)London, Ohio22 March 1993January 2014Series 38R95,464 square feet (8,868.9 m2)
Kmart 93029302224 Lafayette Street (London, Ohio)London, Ohio198022 March 1993
Kmart 414941492230 Fairless Drive (Lorain, Ohio)Lorain, Ohio10 November 1966
Kmart 391039105350 Leavitt Road (Lorain, Ohio)Lorain, Ohio25 October 1993September 2016SK 2L192,225 square feet (17,858.3 m2)
Kmart 320432041937 Cooper Foster Park Road (Lorain, Ohio)Lorain, Ohio19751993
Kmart 35363536500 East Aurora Road (Macedonia, Ohio)Macedonia, Ohio19812002Pre-1987 Prototype84,280 square feet (7,830 m2)
Kmart 970597056600 North Ridge Road (Madison, Ohio)Madison, Ohio19812009Undersized60,842 square feet (5,652.4 m2)
Kmart 721072101033 Ashland Road (Mansfield, Ohio)Mansfield, Ohio15 November 197921 July 1993
Kmart 72137213890 West 4th Street (Mansfield, Ohio)Mansfield, Ohio15 November 197921 July 1993
Kmart 499149915500 Warrensville Center Road (Maple Heights, Ohio)Maple Heights, Ohio19972002SK 9R146,604 square feet (13,620.0 m2)
Kmart 3247324721000 Libby Road (Maple Heights, Ohio)Maple Heights, Ohio9 November 19781997
Kmart 74777477502 Pike Street (Marietta, Ohio)Marietta, Ohio10 September 198116 February 2020Expanded87,543 square feet (8,133.0 m2)
Kmart 748374831680 Marion-Mount Gilead Road (Marion, Ohio)Marion, Ohio3 September 1981January 1996Expanded
Kmart 97019701940 London Avenue (Marysville, Ohio)Marysville, Ohio6 November 1980March 1988Previously-owned buildingKmart #7646
Kmart 764676461000 North Main Street (Marysville, Ohio)Marysville, Ohio21 March 1988December 2014Previously-owned building62,651 square feet (5,820.5 m2)Cooks
Kmart 416941692600 Lincoln Way East (Massillon, Ohio)Massillon, Ohio1 December 1966November 2017Expanded102,138 square feet (9,488.9 m2)
Kmart 71357135870 North Court Street (Medina, Ohio)Medina, Ohio17 March 197720 July 1991
Kmart 37863786Medwick Market Place (Medina, Ohio)1105 North Court Street (Medina, Ohio)Medina, Ohio22 July 19916 May 2012SK 1L148,056 square feet (13,754.9 m2)
Kmart 301530159600 Mentor Avenue (Mentor, Ohio)Mentor, Ohio20 July 197225 April 1994
Kmart 491049109200 Mentor Avenue (Mentor, Ohio)Mentor, Ohio25 April 199411 December 2016SK 2L190,174 square feet (17,667.7 m2)
Kmart 4257425717840 Bagley Road (Middleburg Heights, Ohio)Middleburg Heights, Ohio24 April 19696 January 2019Pre-1987 Prototype94,080 square feet (8,740 m2)
Kmart 345534554601 Roosevelt Boulevard (Middletown, Ohio)Middletown, Ohio19782009Pre-1987 Prototype84,280 square feet (7,830 m2)
Kmart 32833283876 State Route 28 (Milford, Ohio)Milford, Ohio20 November 19759 May 2010Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 476447644040 Medina Road (Montrose, Ohio)Montrose, Ohio23 October 19922003SK L163,337 square feet (15,174.5 m2)
Kmart 977597754601 Kettering Boulevard and 4650 Springboro Pike (Moraine, Ohio)Moraine, Ohio12 November 1981June 1992
Kmart 749974991500 Coshocton Avenue (Mount Vernon, Ohio)Mount Vernon, Ohio16 November 1992March 2017Series 38R94,842 square feet (8,811.1 m2)
Kmart 903290321005 Coshocton Avenue (Mount Vernon, Ohio)Mount Vernon, Ohio197516 November 199239,797 square feet (3,697.3 m2)
Kmart 34203420225 West Avenue (New Boston, Ohio)New Boston, Ohio2 November 1978March 2017Pre-1987 Prototype84,275 square feet (7,829.4 m2)
Kmart 97769776Dixie Plaza Shopping Center (New Lebanon, Ohio)460 West Main Street (New Lebanon, Ohio)New Lebanon, Ohio12 November 198131 October 1993
Kmart 49544954611 Bluebell Drive (New Philadelphia, Ohio)New Philadelphia, Ohio19942002SK 3R166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)Kmart #3500
Kmart 35003500240 Bluebell Drive (New Philadelphia, Ohio)New Philadelphia, Ohio19791994Kmart #4954
Kmart 71947194315 Deo Drive (Newark, Ohio)Newark, Ohio15 November 1979January 1996
Kmart 350235025185 Youngstown-Warren Boulevard (Niles, Ohio)Niles, Ohio26 July 1979
Kmart 324332431447 North Main Street (North Canton, Ohio)North Canton, Ohio26 September 197416 February 2020Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 95279527330 Milan Road (Norwalk, Ohio)Norwalk, Ohio4 May 19782014Expanded80,310 square feet (7,461 m2)
Kmart 75847584919 Lexington Springmill Road (Ontario, Ohio)Ontario, Ohio22 July 19932003SK L171,266 square feet (15,911.1 m2)
Kmart 416841682830 Navarre Road (Oregon, Ohio)Oregon, Ohio1 December 1966January 2018Expanded103,920 square feet (9,654 m2)
Kmart 91729172Tollgate Mall (Oxford, Ohio)South Locust Street (Oxford, Ohio)Oxford, Ohio11 November 1976May 1996
Kmart 7563756327322 Carronade Drive (Perrysburg, Ohio)Perrysburg, Ohio19832009Expanded87,543 square feet (8,133.0 m2)
Kmart 736873681947 West US-36 (Piqua, Ohio)Piqua, Ohio19802011Undersized73,074 square feet (6,788.8 m2)
Kmart 341034101284 Brice Road (Reynoldsburg, Ohio)Reynoldsburg, Ohio17 November 1977March 2017Pre-1987 Prototype84,179 square feet (7,820.5 m2)
Kmart 32813281911 Sandusky Mall Boulevard North (Sandusky, Ohio)Sandusky, Ohio17 July 19752003Pre-1987 Prototype84,313 square feet (7,832.9 m2)
Kmart 3426342612035 Lebanon Road (Sharonville, Ohio)Sharonville, Ohio19782003Pre-1987 Prototype84,280 square feet (7,830 m2)
Kmart 368636862100 Michigan Street (Sidney, Ohio)Sidney, Ohio198715 March 1996
Kmart 337333736221 S.O.M. Center Road (Solon, Ohio)Solon, Ohio16 March 19782006Pre-1987 Prototype84,313 square feet (7,832.9 m2)Sears Grand
Kmart 44224422367 County Road 406/Highway 52 at Charley Creek Road (South Point, Ohio)South Point, Ohio197115 November 2009Pre-1987 Prototype98,708 square feet (9,170.3 m2)
Kmart 47474747625 West Central Avenue (Springboro, Ohio)Springboro, Ohio29 June 1992July 2016Series 38L94,845 square feet (8,811.4 m2)
Kmart 376737671476 Upper Valley Pike (Springfield, Ohio)Springfield, Ohio9 March 1989December 2014Previously-owned building99,489 square feet (9,242.8 m2)Gold Circle
Kmart 966096602960 Derr Road (Springfield, Ohio)Springfield, Ohio19792012Previously-owned building53,778 square feet (4,996.1 m2)Murphy's Mart
Kmart 33253325Ohio Valley Mall (St. Clairsville, Ohio)St. Clairsville, Ohio17 November 1983March 2017Previously-owned building108,011 square feet (10,034.6 m2)Montgomery Ward
Kmart 355735571292 Indiana Avenue (St. Marys, Ohio)St. Marys, Ohio1 November 1990January 2018Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 909890981535 Celina Road (St. Marys, Ohio)St. Marys, Ohio1 November 1990
Kmart 39513951Tri-State Plaza (Steubenville, Ohio)4265 Mall Dr (Steubenville, Ohio)Steubenville, Ohio20 May 1991April 2016Series 37104,855 square feet (9,741.3 m2)
Kmart 79177917Hollywood Plaza (Steubenville, Ohio)294 South Hollywood Boulevard (Steubenville, Ohio)Steubenville, OhioOctober 198419 May 1991Kmart #3951Mr. Wiggs
Kmart 426442644332 Kent Road (Stow, Ohio)Stow, Ohio19692006Pre-1987 Prototype96,845 square feet (8,997.2 m2)
Kmart 967696769059 State Route 14 (Streetsboro, Ohio)Streetsboro, Ohio20 August 1981September 2017Expanded84,352 square feet (7,836.6 m2)
Kmart 31423142555 South Avenue (Tallmadge, Ohio)Tallmadge, Ohio24 July 19752 February 2020Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 95859585Tiffin City Mall (Tiffin, Ohio)870 West Market Street (Tiffin, Ohio)Tiffin, Ohio17 September 19802002Expanded83,552 square feet (7,762.2 m2)
Kmart 416641665928 Central Avenue West (Toledo, Ohio)Sylvania Township (Toledo, Ohio)Toledo, Ohio1967September 2006Pre-1987 Prototype81,600 square feet (7,580 m2)
Kmart 427642762244 South Reynolds Road (Toledo, Ohio)Toledo, Ohio19722012Expanded110,126 square feet (10,231.0 m2)
Kmart 330233021801 West Alexis Road (Toledo, Ohio)Toledo, Ohio18 March 1976October 2017Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 42094209627 East Manhattan Boulevard (Toledo, Ohio)Toledo, Ohio19672012Expanded81,720 square feet (7,592 m2)
Kmart 772377235300 Salem Avenue (Trotwood, Ohio)Trotwood, Ohio17 November 1994January 2013Series 40L117,114 square feet (10,880.2 m2)Kmart #4190
Kmart 419041904601 Salem Avenue (Trotwood, Ohio)Trotwood, Ohio19 October 196715 January 1995Kmart #7723Highland Plaza
Kmart 71997199855 West Market Street (Troy, Ohio)Troy, Ohio1979January 1996
Kmart 903690361150 Scioto Street (Urbana, Ohio)Urbana, Ohio1975
Kmart 73817381180 Great Oaks Trail (Wadsworth, Ohio)Wadsworth, Ohio29 October 19809 May 2010Expanded90,949 square feet (8,449.4 m2)
Kmart 493949392100 Niles Cortland Road Southeast (Warren, Ohio)Warren, Ohio14 August 19958 April 2018SK 2R185,445 square feet (17,228.4 m2)
Kmart 331233123800 Elm Road Northeast (Warren, Ohio)Warren, Ohio22 July 1976
Kmart 353535352485 Parkman Road Northwest (Warren, Ohio)Warren, Ohio20 November 1980April 2016Expanded93,327 square feet (8,670.4 m2)
Kmart 485548552100 US-62 Northeast (Washington Court House, Ohio)Washington Court House, Ohio19922003Series 38L94,844 square feet (8,811.3 m2)
Kmart 900690061650 Columbus Avenue (Washington Court House, Ohio)Washington Court House, Ohio31 October 19741992
Kmart 980998091495 North Shoop Avenue (Wauseon, Ohio)Wauseon, Ohio1986
Kmart 92589258230 Waverly Plaza (Waverly, Ohio)Waverly, Ohio1979
Kmart 325032505436 Westerville Road (Westerville, Ohio)Westerville, Ohio10 July 19752003Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 3234323430010 Detroit Road (Westlake, Ohio)Westlake, Ohio10 October 19742014Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 907190711025 South South Street (Wilmington, Ohio)Wilmington, Ohio28 October 1976February 199540,000 square feet (3,700 m2)
Kmart 90949094Portage Square Plaza (Wooster, Ohio)1987 Portage Road (Wooster, Ohio)Wooster, Ohio19 November 1992
Kmart 487548751799 Portage Road (Wooster, Ohio)Wooster, Ohio20 November 19923 September 2017Series 37L104,231 square feet (9,683.4 m2)
Kmart 419441941630 Springfield Pike (Wyoming, Ohio)Wyoming, Ohio16 March 19672 July 1983
Kmart 96119611200 West Main Street (Xenia, Ohio)Xenia, Ohio11 October 19792014Expanded67,332 square feet (6,255.3 m2)
Kmart 334633463180 Belmont Avenue (Youngstown, Ohio)Youngstown, Ohio26 August 1976
Kmart 764576452770 Maysville Pike (Zanesville, Ohio)Zanesville, Ohio25 November 19872017Previously-owned building75,392 square feet (7,004.1 m2)Cooks
Kmart 317031703515 North Maple Avenue (Zanesville, Ohio)Zanesville, Ohio17 October 1974March 2017Pre-1987 Prototype84,466 square feet (7,847.1 m2)

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