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Kmart 320932093100 Pacific Boulevard Southeast (Albany, Oregon)Albany, Oregon14 November 197414 September 2014Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 445544553955 Southwest Murray Boulevard (Beaverton, Oregon)Beaverton, Oregon3 August 19726 January 2019Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 7377737763455 North Highway 97 (Bend, Oregon)Bend, Oregon1979November 2000
Kmart 716671663111 Ocean Boulevard Southeast (Coos Bay, Oregon)Coos Bay, Oregon16 November 19788 November 2013Undersized68,337 square feet (6,348.7 m2)
Kmart 38393839400 North East Circle Boulevard (Corvallis, Oregon)Corvallis, Oregon11 October 1990March 2019Series 3686,964 square feet (8,079.2 m2)
Kmart 44044404846 Goodpasture Island Road (Eugene, Oregon)Eugene, Oregon19712003Pre-1987 Prototype96,805 square feet (8,993.5 m2)
Kmart 721972191881 Northeast 7th Street (Grants Pass, Oregon)Grants Pass, Oregon1979January 1996
Kmart 44354435440 Northwest Burnside Road (Gresham, Oregon)Gresham, Oregon25 March 197125 November 2018Expanded98,743 square feet (9,173.5 m2)
Kmart 716771671500 Southeast Tualatin Valley H (Hillsboro, Oregon)Hillsboro, Oregon21 November 1977
Kmart 321432141776 Avalon Street (Klamath Falls, Oregon)Klamath Falls, Oregon30 October 19742014Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 96499649Highway 99 and Lafayette Avenue (McMinnville, Oregon)McMinnville, OregonNovember 1984February 1995
Kmart 41094109251 East Barnett Road (Medford, Oregon)Medford, Oregon1965May 1996
Kmart 4406440613750 Southeast Johnson Road (Milwaukie, Oregon)Milwaukie, Oregon25 March 19712013Pre-1987 Prototype97,251 square feet (9,034.9 m2)
Kmart 951595151648 East Idaho Avenue (Ontario, Oregon)Ontario, Oregon10 August 1978July 2015Expanded83,552 square feet (7,762.2 m2)
Kmart 3840384019003 Beaver Creek Road (Oregon City, Oregon)Oregon City, Oregon5 July 1990January 2015Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 95309530850 Southgate (Pendleton, Oregon)Pendleton, Oregon19782002Undersized55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)
Kmart 347734772315 Southeast 82nd Avenue (Portland, Oregon)Portland, Oregon26 November 19781986
Kmart 343034301716 Jantzen Beach Center (Portland, Oregon)Portland, Oregon21 November 19772003Pre-1987 Prototype84,009 square feet (7,804.7 m2)
Kmart 4288428812350 Northeast Sandy Boulevard (Portland, Oregon)Portland, Oregon25 March 1971September 2018Pre-1987 Prototype97,255 square feet (9,035.3 m2)
Kmart 758075802757 Northwest Stewart Parkway (Roseburg, Oregon)Roseburg, Oregon17 November 1983September 2017Expanded82,917 square feet (7,703.2 m2)
Kmart 433943392470 Mission Street Southeast (Salem, Oregon)Salem, Oregon30 April 197019 November 2017Pre-1987 Prototype96,937 square feet (9,005.7 m2)
Kmart 329632964675 Portland Road Northeast (Salem, Oregon)Salem, Oregon28 April 1977February 1995
Kmart 715371531401 North 21st Street (Springfield, Oregon)Springfield, Oregon6 October 19775 January 2003Group 7 Mini Kmart68,213 square feet (6,337.2 m2)
Kmart 388838882640 West Sixth Street (The Dalles, Oregon)The Dalles, Oregon8 November 1990February 2020Series 3687,101 square feet (8,091.9 m2)
Kmart 302530257655 Southwest Nyberg Road (Tualatin, Oregon)Tualatin, Oregon19722012Pre-1987 Prototype96,902 square feet (9,002.5 m2)
Kmart 399939991475 Mount Hood Avenue (Woodburn, Oregon)Woodburn, Oregon29 November 1991November 2000