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Kmart 734373433852 Buffalo Gap Road (Abilene, Texas)Abilene, Texas21 August 198010 January 1990Group 7 mini Kmart72,897 square feet (6,772.4 m2)Amber's 5003
Kmart 77957795Westgate Town Center (Abilene, Texas)4565 South 1st Street (Abilene, Texas)Abilene, Texas18 February 200011 December 2016Series 40R118,347 square feet (10,994.8 m2)Kmart 4401City of Abilene municipal offices
Kmart 44014401Kmart Shopping Center (Abilene, Texas)4220 North 1st Street (Abilene, Texas)Abilene, Texas22 October 197016 February 2000Full-size model pre-1972116,000 square feet (10,800 m2)Kmart 7795Alpine Storage
Kmart 48854885Addison Town Center (Addison, Texas)3730 Belt Line Road (Addison, Texas)Addison, Texas19 November 19932 June 2002Series 39R120,036 square feet (11,151.7 m2)Target T-1850
Kmart 93279327Twin Creeks Village (Allen, Texas)111 North Central Expressway (Allen, Texas)Allen, Texas18 November 19992 June 2002Series 41R111,440 square feet (10,353 m2)5th Street Pizza, Stellar Home Theater, Stacy Furniture & Design, S&H Flooring, Yard Art Patio & Fireplace, and S.S. Noah Childcare Centers
Kmart 96779677Kmart Shopping Center (Alvin, Texas)1200 Farm-to-Market Road 1462 (Alvin, Texas)Alvin, Texas20 November 198026 February 19959500 series mini Kmart60,692 square feet (5,638.5 m2)Village Antique Shoppes and Tractor Supply Co. 446
Kmart 93699369Westgate Plaza (Amarillo, Texas)2610 Soncy Road (Amarillo, Texas)Amarillo, Texas29 October 199813 April 2003Previously-owned building104,425 square feet (9,701.4 m2)Kmart 7180Venture 145Kohl's 748 and Dollar Tree 2920
Kmart 718071803503 Northeast 24th Avenue (Amarillo, Texas)Amarillo, Texas8 March 197928 October 1998Group 7 mini Kmart68,373 square feet (6,352.1 m2)Kmart 9369Pride Do It Best Home Center
Kmart 40234023Kmart Plaza (Amarillo, Texas)2747 Duniven Circle (Amarillo, Texas)Amarillo, Texas23 November 196213 April 2003Expanded113,104 square feet (10,507.7 m2)
Kmart 740574057148 Bell Street (Amarillo, Texas)Amarillo, Texas16 October 198024 December 1985Group 7 mini Kmart76,636 square feet (7,119.7 m2)Builders Square 1427
Kmart 97239723K mart Center (Angleton, Texas)1201 North Velasco Street (Angleton, Texas)Angleton, Texas20 August 19813 June 19899500 series mini Kmart52,056 square feet (4,836.2 m2)Kmart 3732Fluid Data offices
Kmart 43704370Kmart Plaza (Arlington, Texas)2210 South Fielder Road (Arlington, Texas)Arlington, Texas11 November 19712 November 1994Full-size model pre-197284,000 square feet (7,800 m2)Kmart 7734Sally Beauty Supply 2519, Dollar Tree 1119, Winn-Dixie 2451, Pro Cuts, Mr Pac N Ship, and E-Z Cookin
Kmart 37383738Arlington Centre (Arlington, Texas)915 East Randol Mill Road (Arlington, Texas)Arlington, Texas14 November 199713 April 2003Previously-owned building96,975 square feet (9,009.3 m2)Venture 133
Kmart 47734773Pioneer Crossing (Arlington, Texas)2540 East Pioneer Parkway (Arlington, Texas)Arlington, Texas31 May 199313 April 2003Series 37L112,564 square feet (10,457.5 m2)Kmart 4132 and Kmart 7401Dollar Tree 3110, Floor & Decor 109, AlphaGraphics 110, and AutoTech
Kmart 35663566Southwest Plaza Shopping Center (Arlington, Texas)401 Southwest Plaza Shopping Center (Arlington, Texas)Arlington, Texas5 November 19812 November 1994Group 3 full-size84,166 square feet (7,819.3 m2)Kmart 7734Powerhouse Total Fitness, Sears Appliance Outlet 7631, and Office Depot 596
Kmart 77347734Bardin Place Center (Arlington, Texas)4650 South Cooper Street (Arlington, Texas)Arlington, Texas3 November 199413 April 2003Previously-owned building113,541 square feet (10,548.3 m2)Kmart 4370 and Kmart 3566PACE Membership Warehouse 96Hemispheres 805 and Mardel Christian & Education 12
Kmart 41324132Kmart Plaza (Arlington, Texas)2540 East Abram Street (Arlington, Texas)Arlington, Texas9 June 196630 May 1993Full-size model pre-1972100,000 square feet (9,300 m2)Kmart 4773Cowboys Concert Hall, International Auto Sales of Texas, and Stereo Sound Systems
Kmart 92569256905 West Corsicana Street (Athens, Texas)Athens, Texas16 November 1978June 1997Group 9 mini Kmart40,316 square feet (3,745.5 m2)Accenture call center
Kmart 75117511North Bluff Center (Austin, Texas)6715 Interstate 35 South (Austin, Texas)Austin, Texas19 November 19812 June 2002Expanded87,406 square feet (8,120.3 m2)Burlington 434
Kmart 438843888801 Research Boulevard (Austin, Texas)Austin, Texas30 September 19717 March 1990Full-size model pre-1972103,610 square feet (9,626 m2)Kmart 3771Dell Factory Outlet
Kmart 37723772Lake Creek Festival (Austin, Texas)13749 North US Highway 183 (Austin, Texas)Austin, Texas15 November 19902 June 2002Series 36L91,107 square feet (8,464.1 m2)Kmart 7510Burlington 427
Kmart 75107510Travis Square (Austin, Texas)13900 North Highway 183 (Austin, Texas)Austin, Texas19 November 19814 November 1990Group 7 mini Kmart72,897 square feet (6,772.4 m2)Kmart 3772
Kmart 436543654001 South Lamar Boulevard (Austin, Texas)Austin, Texas30 September 197128 April 1996Full-size model pre-197299,670 square feet (9,260 m2)Lacks Home Furnishings 123, Harbor Freight Tools 60, Savers 94, and Hancock Fabrics 1551
Kmart 37713771Parmer Crossing (Austin, Texas)2506 West Parmer Lane (Austin, Texas)Austin, Texas8 March 199013 April 2003Series 36L86,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)Kmart 4388Big Lots 1835, Harbor Freight Tools 198, Emax Computers, Dollar Tree 3124, Half Price Books 7, and Tuesday Morning 1098
Kmart 97449744Lake Plaza (Azle, Texas)104 Northwest Parkway (Azle, Texas)Azle, Texas16 July 198113 April 2003Expanded84,865 square feet (7,884.2 m2)Bealls 745
Kmart 3321332112005 Elam Road (Balch Springs, Texas)Balch Springs, Texas13 November 197513 April 2003Expanded112,777 square feet (10,477.3 m2)
Kmart 373337334000 Avenue F (Bay City, Texas)Bay City, Texas16 November 198929 August 1995Series 36L86,615 square feet (8,046.8 m2)Kmart 9219Wharton County Junior College
Kmart 921992193701 Avenue F (Bay City, Texas)Bay City, Texas20 April 197815 November 1989Group 9 mini Kmart40,040 square feet (3,720 m2)Kmart 3733Third Coast Fulfillment warehouse
Kmart 40134013Kmart Plaza (Baytown, Texas)1801 North Pruett Street (Baytown, Texas)Baytown, Texas8 November 196230 August 1992Full-size model pre-197258,000 square feet (5,400 m2)Kmart 3745GDS Engineers Inc. offices
Kmart 374537453500 Garth Road (Baytown, Texas)Baytown, Texas31 August 199213 April 2003Series 38L91,266 square feet (8,478.9 m2)Kmart 4013Devlyn Optical, Joe V's Smart Shop 645, and Cerca Dental
Kmart 37213721Parkway Plaza (Beaumont, Texas)5845 Eastex Freeway (Beaumont, Texas)Beaumont, Texas17 November 198813 April 2003Previously-owned building102,840 square feet (9,554 m2)Handy Dan 373 and Best Products 156Gander Mountain 407 and Best Buy 238
Kmart 41954195Kmart Plaza (Beaumont, Texas)3295 College Street (Beaumont, Texas)Beaumont, Texas22 August 196825 August 1990Full-size model pre-197287,944 square feet (8,170.3 m2)Fiesta Mart 27
Kmart 90759075Kmart Shopping Center (Beeville, Texas)2500 North Saint Marys Street (Beeville, Texas)Beeville, Texas14 March 197921 December 1990Group 9 mini Kmart40,000 square feet (3,700 m2)Larry Dziuk Motors
Kmart 722772271701 East Farm-to-Market Road 700 (Big Spring, Texas)Big Spring, Texas16 November 197818 July 1987Group 7 mini Kmart68,337 square feet (6,348.7 m2)Trinity Baptist Church
Kmart 96079607Borger Shopping Plaza (Borger, Texas)224 Borger Shopping Plaza (Borger, Texas)Borger, Texas19 November 197919 May 2002Expanded82,992 square feet (7,710.2 m2)
Kmart 93299329Sunrise Commons (Brownsville, Texas)2440 Pablo Kisel Boulevard (Brownsville, Texas)Brownsville, Texas10 June 199914 August 2016Series 38R91,266 square feet (8,478.9 m2)Kmart 3456Hobby Lobby 950 and DD's Discounts 5502
Kmart 34563456Sunrise Mall (Brownsville, Texas)2380 North Expressway 83 (Brownsville, Texas)Brownsville, Texas23 August 19799 June 1999Group 3 full-size84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)Kmart 9329
Kmart 72977297325 Mexico Boulevard (Brownsville, Texas)Brownsville, Texas21 September 197829 August 1995Previously-owned building84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)Globe Shopping CityAllison Manufacturing textile plant
Kmart 36493649Burleson Town Center (Burleson, Texas)877 Northeast Alsbury Boulevard (Burleson, Texas)Burleson, Texas3 November 198813 April 2003Series 36R86,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)JCPenney 2838
Kmart 728672863050 North Josey Lane (Carrollton, Texas)Carrollton, Texas19 November 19792 June 2002Expanded83,973 square feet (7,801.3 m2)Dollar Tree 2506, Harbor Freight Tools 318, Bounce U, Luxury Salon Suites, ReSale by cca, and Mattress Super Store
Kmart 76157615The Market at Cedar Hill (Cedar Hill, Texas)229 Farm-to-Market Road 1382 (Cedar Hill, Texas)Cedar Hill, Texas18 June 198713 April 2003Expanded79,899 square feet (7,422.9 m2)Western Warehouse 14, JOANN 2098, and Conn's HomePlus 87
Kmart 95709570Nolan River Mall (Cleburne, Texas)1655 West Henderson Street (Cleburne, Texas)Cleburne, Texas12 March 198014 April 1999Expanded83,600 square feet (7,770 m2)Kidz Rule Extreme, Sears Hometown 3957, and Burkes Outlet 596
Kmart 70127012K mart Shopping Center (Clute, Texas)1033 Dixie Drive (Clute, Texas)Clute, Texas16 August 19733 June 1989Group 7 mini Kmart64,506 square feet (5,992.8 m2)Kmart 3732Weiner's
Kmart 70137013Kmart Shopping Center (College Station, Texas)2700 Texas Avenue South (College Station, Texas)College Station, Texas16 May 19747 January 1995Group 7 mini Kmart97,029 square feet (9,014.3 m2)Tractor Supply Co. 393, Dollar General 3550, and Big Lots 1088
Kmart 36363636Village Park at Colleyville (Colleyville, Texas)4701 Colleyville Boulevard (Colleyville, Texas)Colleyville, Texas3 November 19882 June 2002Series 36R85,974 square feet (7,987.2 m2)Vineyards Antique Mall
Kmart 36483648Riverpointe Shopping Center (Conroe, Texas)230 South Loop 336 West (Conroe, Texas)Conroe, Texas16 November 198913 April 2003Series 36L86,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)Conroe's Incredible Pizza Company and Champion Forest Baptist Church
Kmart 43074307Kmart Plaza (Corpus Christi, Texas)4717 South Padre Island Drive (Corpus Christi, Texas)Corpus Christi, Texas10 September 19701 January 1994Full-size model pre-197297,250 square feet (9,035 m2)Kmart 4908Venture 144
Kmart 79117911Five Points Shopping Center (Corpus Christi, Texas)4101 US Highway 77 (Corpus Christi, Texas)Corpus Christi, Texas19 May 198329 August 1995Previously-owned building61,200 square feet (5,690 m2)Woolco (never occupied)Sutherlands 3213
Kmart 34893489Mission Shopping Center (Corpus Christi, Texas)4977 Ayers Street (Corpus Christi, Texas)Corpus Christi, Texas19 October 197821 December 1990Previously-owned building84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)Globe Shopping CityStardust Flea Market
Kmart 490849085001 South Padre Island Drive (Corpus Christi, Texas)Corpus Christi, Texas2 January 19942 June 2002SK 3R179,623 square feet (16,687.5 m2)Kmart 4307Academy Sports + Outdoors 29 and Ashley HomeStore
Kmart 491949193621 West State Highway 31 (Corsicana, Texas)Corsicana, Texas4 March 199413 April 2003SK 3L170,049 square feet (15,798.1 m2)Kmart 9504
Kmart 95049504801 North 13th Street (Corsicana, Texas)Corsicana, Texas21 November 19773 March 19949500 series mini Kmart55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)Kmart 4919Cornerstone Baptist Church
Kmart 41394139Kmart Shopping Center (Dallas, Texas)9334 East R.L. Thornton Freeway (Dallas, Texas)Dallas, Texas22 September 19662 June 2002Expanded100,660 square feet (9,352 m2)Mercado Garibaldi Bazaar
Kmart 371837186000 Skillman Street (Dallas, Texas)Dallas, Texas14 November 19972 June 2002Previously-owned building97,553 square feet (9,063.0 m2)Venture 67The Home Depot 6804
Kmart 74387438Richland Square (Dallas, Texas)9750 Walnut Street (Dallas, Texas)Dallas, Texas2 April 198126 February 1995Group 7 mini Kmart76,923 square feet (7,146.4 m2)Alliance Data offices
Kmart 41614161300 East Ledbetter Drive (Dallas, Texas)Dallas, Texas22 September 196630 December 1992Full-size model pre-1972106,200 square feet (9,870 m2)Oak Cliff Community Mart
Kmart 7487748710740 Garland Road (Dallas, Texas)Dallas, Texas20 November 198029 August 1995Previously-owned building70,120 square feet (6,514 m2)Spartan-Atlantic 168Reaching Stars International facility
Kmart 723472344350 Gannon Lane (Dallas, Texas)Dallas, Texas16 November 197813 November 1997Expanded82,900 square feet (7,700 m2)Kmart 3743Bargain Town
Kmart 43004300K mart Plaza (Dallas, Texas)12100 Inwood Road (Dallas, Texas)Dallas, Texas31 October 196831 December 1983Full-size model pre-197284,000 square feet (7,800 m2)
Kmart 31923192712 South Walton Walker Boulevard (Dallas, Texas)Dallas, Texas10 April 197513 April 2003Group 3 full-size84,105 square feet (7,813.6 m2)Super Fiesta Bazaar and Family Dollar 12503
Kmart 73967396845 North Beckley Avenue (DeSoto, Texas)DeSoto, Texas18 September 198013 April 2003Expanded88,083 square feet (8,183.2 m2)Furnitureville Texas and Nu Look Virgin Hair Boutique
Kmart 95459545Plaza Del Sol Mall (Del Rio, Texas)2209 Avenue F (Del Rio, Texas)Del Rio, Texas14 March 197913 April 2003Expanded87,476 square feet (8,126.8 m2)JCPenney 2841 and Marshalls 1115
Kmart 717071702300 West University Drive (Denton, Texas)Denton, Texas3 November 197713 April 2003Expanded87,406 square feet (8,120.3 m2)Denton Expo Center
Kmart 37433743Skyline Plaza (Duncanville, Texas)715 Skyline Drive (Duncanville, Texas)Duncanville, Texas14 November 19972 June 2002Previously-owned building96,491 square feet (8,964.3 m2)Kmart 7234Venture 134La Mexicana Tortilla Factory
Kmart 96709670Heartland Mall (Early, Texas)304 Early Boulevard (Early, Texas)Early, Texas8 October 198012 March 19959500 series mini Kmart60,000 square feet (5,600 m2)Dunlaps 27 and Burkes Outlet 686
Kmart 970097002802 South Business Highway 281 (Edinburg, Texas)Edinburg, Texas30 October 198015 January 19959500 series mini Kmart55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)Hidalgo County Administration Building
Kmart 928092802350 North Mechanic Street (El Campo, Texas)El Campo, Texas8 November 19792 July 1983Group 9 mini Kmart41,000 square feet (3,800 m2)El Campo Civic Center and Museum of Natural History
Kmart 345234524011 Alabama Street (El Paso, Texas)El Paso, Texas12 October 19782 June 2002Group 3 full-size84,146 square feet (7,817.4 m2)Furniture Kingdom
Kmart 42014201Eastridge Plaza (El Paso, Texas)1120 McRae Boulevard (El Paso, Texas)El Paso, Texas3 August 196726 March 2017Expanded98,495 square feet (9,150.5 m2)At Home 120
Kmart 73477347411 North Zaragoza Road (El Paso, Texas)El Paso, Texas11 September 19803 September 2017Expanded87,405 square feet (8,120.2 m2)Economy Wholesale Grocers
Kmart 42054205Kmart Plaza (El Paso, Texas)9484 Dyer Street (El Paso, Texas)El Paso, Texas3 August 196719 March 2017Expanded104,100 square feet (9,670 m2)DD's Discounts 5367, Ross Dress for Less 2077, Five Below 5053, and Burlington 1287
Kmart 39193919Montwood Square (El Paso, Texas)11330 Montwood Drive (El Paso, Texas)El Paso, Texas15 November 199031 July 2016Series 36L86,904 square feet (8,073.6 m2)Planet Fitness
Kmart 446644666020 North Mesa Street (El Paso, Texas)El Paso, Texas18 November 197111 August 1999Expanded104,252 square feet (9,685.3 m2)Kmart 9325Burlington 345 and MJM Designer Shoes
Kmart 3491UnknownKmart Plaza (El Paso, Texas)6375 Montana Boulevard (El Paso, Texas)El Paso, Texas12 October 19783 September 2017Previously-owned building81,902 square feet (7,608.9 m2)Globe Shopping CityBig Lots 4702 and DD's Discounts
Kmart 93259325Sunland Towne Centre (El Paso, Texas)655 Sunland Park Drive (El Paso, Texas)El Paso, Texas12 August 199914 January 2018Previously-owned building110,835 square feet (10,296.9 m2)Kmart 4466Builders Square 1031At Home 255
Kmart 30113011701 South Industrial Boulevard (Euless, Texas)Euless, Texas30 November 197229 August 1995Group 3 full-size105,000 square feet (9,800 m2)Harmony Science Academy
Kmart 930893082100 West Dickinson Boulevard (Fort Stockton, Texas)Fort Stockton, Texas25 September 198021 December 1990Group 9 mini Kmart40,869 square feet (3,796.9 m2)Ace Home Center
Kmart 440244026001 Jacksboro Highway (Fort Worth, Texas)Fort Worth, Texas29 October 197024 March 1996Full-size model pre-1972116,000 square feet (10,800 m2)Barato Bazaar
Kmart 722472245328 East Lancaster Avenue (Fort Worth, Texas)Fort Worth, Texas16 November 197824 December 1994Previously-owned building69,000 square feet (6,400 m2)Spartan-Atlantic 24ABC Supply Co
Kmart 37913791Kmart Shopping Center (Fort Worth, Texas)5800 South Hulen Street (Fort Worth, Texas)Fort Worth, Texas14 November 19972 June 2002Previously-owned building108,081 square feet (10,041.1 m2)Venture 146
Kmart 72707270Kmart Shopping Center (Fort Worth, Texas)3540 Altamesa Boulevard (Fort Worth, Texas)Fort Worth, Texas18 September 198013 April 2003Expanded83,074 square feet (7,717.8 m2)LA Fitness and Office Depot 2752
Kmart 42594259Kmart Plaza (Fort Worth, Texas)4812 South Freeway (Fort Worth, Texas)Fort Worth, Texas15 August 196829 August 1995Full-size model pre-197284,000 square feet (7,800 m2)Fort Worth Bazaar
Kmart 95779577811 East Highway 82 (Gainesville, Texas)Gainesville, Texas25 October 197912 March 19959500 series mini Kmart55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)Sack n' Save 224
Kmart 43024302Kmart Plaza (Galveston, Texas)6327 Stewart Road (Galveston, Texas)Galveston, Texas17 July 196915 April 2003Expanded103,981 square feet (9,660.2 m2)Ross Dress for Less 862, Marshalls 1004, Shoe Dept. Encore 1491, and Five Below 5069
Kmart 37763776Broadway Center (Garland, Texas)3161 Broadway Boulevard (Garland, Texas)Garland, Texas14 November 199713 April 2003Previously-owned building104,618 square feet (9,719.3 m2)Venture 136Steve & Barry's
Kmart 41424142Kmart Plaza (Garland, Texas)1406 West Walnut Street (Garland, Texas)Garland, Texas11 August 196628 April 1996Full-size model pre-1972106,930 square feet (9,934 m2)Albertsons 4190, Cato Fashions 211, and Planet Fitness
Kmart 724872485701 Broadway Boulevard (Garland, Texas)Garland, Texas8 March 19792 June 2002Expanded87,547 square feet (8,133.4 m2)Bargain Town
Kmart 740174012602 South Belt Line Road (Grand Prairie, Texas)Grand Prairie, Texas18 September 198030 May 1993Group 7 mini Kmart74,897 square feet (6,958.2 m2)Kmart 4773Dr. Susan J. Simpson Education Center
Kmart 951295125222 Wesley Street (Greenville, Texas)Greenville, Texas30 March 197813 April 20039500 series mini Kmart55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)Atwoods Ranch & Home 38
Kmart 495949594440 Twin City Highway (Groves, Texas)Groves, Texas8 May 199513 April 2003SK 3L166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)Kmart 4287Motiva Enterprises warehouse
Kmart 42874287Kmart Plaza (Groves, Texas)5000 Twin City Highway (Groves, Texas)Groves, Texas23 July 19707 May 1995Full-size model pre-197284,105 square feet (7,813.6 m2)Kmart 4959Big Lots 1077, Family Dollar 3816, 99 Cent Plus Store, and Famous Buffet
Kmart 72307230Haltom City Shopping Center (Haltom City, Texas)3316 Denton Highway (Haltom City, Texas)Haltom City, Texas19 June 198013 April 2003Expanded87,406 square feet (8,120.3 m2)Steve & Barry's and Ollie's Bargain Outlet 404
Kmart 707770771129 Morgan Boulevard (Harlingen, Texas)Harlingen, Texas14 October 197611 December 2016Expanded92,250 square feet (8,570 m2)U-Haul
Kmart 91759175508 South Van Buren Street (Henderson, Texas)Henderson, Texas25 November 19774 August 1990Group 9 mini Kmart40,000 square feet (3,700 m2)Brookshire Bros 015
Kmart 39093909Meyerland Plaza Mall (Houston, Texas)300 Meyerland Plaza Mall (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas14 November 199713 April 2003Previously-owned building105,320 square feet (9,785 m2)Venture 139Target T-1975
Kmart 38443844Orange Grove Shopping Center (Houston, Texas)11542 Gulf Freeway (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas14 November 19972 June 2002Previously-owned building93,953 square feet (8,728.5 m2)Venture 125Floor & Decor 107
Kmart 34973497Park Plaza I (Houston, Texas)4815 Highway 6 North (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas15 November 19792 June 2002Group 3 full-size84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)360 Degrees Beauty Academy, Track 21 Indoor Go Karting, and Meineke Car Care
Kmart 43284328630 West Little York Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas23 October 196915 November 1992Full-size model pre-1972106,000 square feet (9,800 m2)Kmart 743945 Flea Market
Kmart 391339138300 West Sam Houston Parkway South (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas14 November 19972 June 2002Previously-owned building107,924 square feet (10,026.5 m2)Venture 141Viet Hoa International Foods
Kmart 44254425Telephone Road Center (Houston, Texas)3333 Telephone Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas12 November 197013 April 2003Expanded98,502 square feet (9,151.1 m2)Great Wall Buffet, Dollar Tree 2862, Famsa, Fallas Paredes 398, and Jefferson Dental Clinic
Kmart 38633863Cypress Pointe (Houston, Texas)310 Farm-to-Market Road 1960 West (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas14 November 19972 June 2002Previously-owned building97,080 square feet (9,019 m2)Venture 126East Buffet, Fallas Paredes 181, America's Furniture Brands, and Planet Fitness
Kmart 40804080Homestead Plaza (Houston, Texas)9929 Homestead Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas1 April 1965February 1991Full-size model pre-197278,000 square feet (7,200 m2)K Bargain
Kmart 40174017Long Point Plaza (Houston, Texas)8315 Long Point Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas8 November 196225 June 1995Full-size model pre-197280,000 square feet (7,400 m2)Kmart 4973New Flea Market, Brothers Upholstery, La Union Notary Public, and Brows Auto Repair
Kmart 75947594Parkland East Shopping Center (Houston, Texas)5607 Uvalde Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas30 June 198313 April 2003Previously-owned building80,855 square feet (7,511.7 m2)Woolco 6424Joe V's Smart Shop 640, Leo Dentistry, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, and O'Reilly Auto Parts 1367
Kmart 4299429911037 East Freeway (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas21 August 19695 May 1996Full-size model pre-1972104,000 square feet (9,700 m2)Clothesmax, Houston Discount Furniture & Mattress, Nothing Over 99 Cents Store, Fallas Paredes 201, and Goodwill
Kmart 497349738400 Westheimer Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas28 June 199513 April 2003SK 5R178,158 square feet (16,551.4 m2)Kmart 4017, Kmart 4236, and Kmart 3153
Kmart 38783878Northwest Freeway Shopping Center (Houston, Texas)12005 Northwest Freeway (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas13 November 199713 April 2003Previously-owned building104,792 square feet (9,735.5 m2)Kmart 9646Venture 135Burlington 488 and Affordable Furniture
Kmart 40944094K mart Plaza (Houston, Texas)5702 Van Fleet Street (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas11 November 1965February 1986Full-size model pre-197292,000 square feet (8,500 m2)
Kmart 74397439West Road Plaza (Houston, Texas)10261 North Freeway (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas16 November 199213 April 2003Series 37R108,858 square feet (10,113.2 m2)Kmart 4328 and Kmart 7449Dollar Tree 3068, Fallas Paredes 298, and Ross Dress for Less 1045
Kmart 36473647Shops at Three Corners (Houston, Texas)8230 Kirby Drive (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas13 August 19892 June 2002Series 36L86,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)Ross Dress for Less 754, PetSmart 1226, and Anna's Linens 212
Kmart 38093809Willowbrook Shopping Center (Houston, Texas)17717 Tomball Parkway (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas14 November 19972 June 2002Previously-owned building96,078 square feet (8,925.9 m2)Kmart 3458Venture 121REI 92, PetSmart 1358, and Golf Galaxy
Kmart 93909390Fondren Southwest Village (Houston, Texas)11110 Fondren Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas11 November 199919 May 2002Previously-owned building97,973 square feet (9,102.0 m2)Target T-73Citi Trends 222, Modern City, Dollar Tree 2884, Dots Fashion, and AutoZone 3976
Kmart 34583458Jones Square (Houston, Texas)10955 Farm-to-Market Road 1960 West (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas7 September 197813 November 1997Group 3 full-size84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)Kmart 3809Hobby Lobby 91
Kmart 42234223Kmart Plaza (Houston, Texas)1431 West 20th Street (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas16 November 196713 April 2003Expanded102,390 square feet (9,512 m2)Restaurant Depot 69, BATL Axe Throwing, and SSQQ Dance Studio
Kmart 33313331Kmart Shopping Center (Houston, Texas)2305 Farm-to-Market Road 1960 West (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas11 March 197629 August 1995Group 3 full-size84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)Hobby Lobby 110, Hoffer Furniture, and Family Dollar 6442
Kmart 31533153Kmart Plaza (Houston, Texas)12151 Katy Freeway (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas26 September 197425 June 1995Group 3 full-size117,528 square feet (10,918.7 m2)Kmart 4973Golf Warehouse II, Metropolitan Furniture, and Seekers Produce Market
Kmart 74417441Kmart Sawdust Center (Houston, Texas)25055 Budde Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas16 November 199229 August 1995Series 37L109,266 square feet (10,151.1 m2)Hobby Lobby 114, Dollar Tree 2749, Goodwill, and Whataburger Learning Center
Kmart 488448847355 Highway 6 South (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas28 September 199213 November 1997Series 37R109,609 square feet (10,183.0 m2)Kmart 3466Kmart 3830Highway 6 Flea Market
Kmart 38303830Westheimer Plaza (Houston, Texas)14411 Westheimer Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas14 November 199713 April 2003Previously-owned building97,116 square feet (9,022.4 m2)Kmart 4884Venture 122Burlington 471
Kmart 94269426PointeWest Shopping Center (Houston, Texas)333 South Mason Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas17 February 200113 April 2003New (2000s model)103,425 square feet (9,608.5 m2)Fiesta Mart 66 and KCM Resale
Kmart 3466346612610 Bellaire Boulevard (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas2 November 197827 September 1992Group 3 full-size84,210 square feet (7,823 m2)Kmart 4884Mr Storage
Kmart 42364236Kmart Plaza (Houston, Texas)8150 Southwest Freeway (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas16 November 196725 June 1995Full-size model pre-1972116,500 square feet (10,820 m2)Kmart 4973Asian Mall
Kmart 96469646Northbrook Shopping Center (Houston, Texas)5264 West 34th Street (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas8 March 197913 November 1997Previously-owned building82,008 square feet (7,618.8 m2)Kmart 3878Globe Shopping CityRandall's 1774
Kmart 74497449Northwest Park Plaza (Houston, Texas)13572 West Montgomery Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas16 July 198115 November 1992Group 7 mini Kmart72,337 square feet (6,720.3 m2)Kmart 7439Super Value Thrift Store, La Casa Del Pueblo Meat Market, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and Buho's Bar
Kmart 41974197Kmart Plaza (Houston, Texas)12401 South Post Oak Road (Houston, Texas)Houston, Texas13 July 1967April 1991Full-size model pre-1972110,000 square feet (10,000 m2)The Power Center
Kmart 33703370Corum Humble Shopping Center (Humble, Texas)222 Farm-to-Market 1960 Bypass Road East (Humble, Texas)Humble, Texas30 June 19834 November 1994Previously-owned building79,902 square feet (7,423.1 m2)Kmart 4958Woolco 6422H-E-B 436 and Michaels 1101
Kmart 495849589470 Farm-to-Market 1960 Bypass Road West (Humble, Texas)Humble, Texas7 November 19942 June 2002SK 3R166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)Kmart 3370Burlington 796 and Academy Sports + Outdoors 21
Kmart 910891081700 11th Street (Huntsville, Texas)Huntsville, Texas2 June 197621 December 1990Previously-owned building40,000 square feet (3,700 m2)W.T. GrantIron Works Health Club and Tractor Supply Co. 448
Kmart 42674267Kmart Plaza (Hurst, Texas)1405 West Pipeline Road (Hurst, Texas)Hurst, Texas31 October 196813 April 2003Expanded103,870 square feet (9,650 m2)Ross Dress for Less 879, JOANN 2083, and Office Depot 2333
Kmart 39353935Irving Square (Irving, Texas)3500 West Airport Freeway (Irving, Texas)Irving, Texas25 November 199113 April 2003Series 37L111,269 square feet (10,337.2 m2)Kmart 4133
Kmart 41334133Kmart Plaza (Irving, Texas)3200 West Irving Boulevard (Irving, Texas)Irving, Texas11 August 196623 November 1991Full-size model pre-197280,000 square feet (7,400 m2)Kmart 3935Venture 72
Kmart 95529552River Hills Mall (Kerrville, Texas)200 Sidney Baker Street South (Kerrville, Texas)Kerrville, Texas1 November 197819 May 20029500 series mini Kmart55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)Belk 328
Kmart 34753475Wendland Plaza (Killeen, Texas)1101 South Fort Hood Street (Killeen, Texas)Killeen, Texas9 November 197826 March 2017Group 3 full-size95,810 square feet (8,901 m2)Conn's HomePlus 210, Crunch Fitness, Dollar Tree 7468, and Lumber Liquidators 1396
Kmart 722072201205 North Loop 340 (Lacy Lakeview, Texas)Lacy Lakeview, Texas16 November 19783 September 1994Group 7 mini Kmart68,312 square feet (6,346.4 m2)Kmart 4948BlueCross BlueShield service center
Kmart 37323732Kmart Shopping Center (Lake Jackson, Texas)125 Highway 332 West (Lake Jackson, Texas)Lake Jackson, Texas8 June 198929 August 1995Series 36R107,978 square feet (10,031.5 m2)Kmart 9723 and Kmart 7012Hobby Lobby 112 and Big Lots 1155
Kmart 35053505Kmart Shopping Center (Laredo, Texas)2310 East Saunders Street (Laredo, Texas)Laredo, Texas21 August 198010 November 1996Group 3 full-size89,842 square feet (8,346.6 m2)Kmart 4809Big Lots 1604, Aaron's 555, Lin's Grand Buffet, Biomat USA, and A to Z Tire
Kmart 480948095000 San Dario Avenue (Laredo, Texas)Laredo, Texas14 November 19962 September 2018Series 39R111,942 square feet (10,399.8 m2)Kmart 3505At Home 256 and Ashley HomeStore
Kmart 745674561019 Fox Avenue (Lewisville, Texas)Lewisville, Texas11 June 198129 August 1995Group 7 mini Kmart76,527 square feet (7,109.6 m2)Terry's Supermarket
Kmart 97229722Kmart Shopping Center (Liberty, Texas)2337 North Main Street (Liberty, Texas)Liberty, Texas28 May 198121 December 19909500 series mini Kmart52,320 square feet (4,861 m2)Dollar General 1653 and Tractor Supply Co. 462
Kmart 705670561100 McCann Road (Longview, Texas)Longview, Texas3 March 197620 March 2016Expanded91,653 square feet (8,514.8 m2)Simply Stor-It
Kmart 72187218Kmart Plaza (Lubbock, Texas)5802 19th Street (Lubbock, Texas)Lubbock, Texas19 April 19799 July 1995Group 7 mini Kmart71,000 square feet (6,600 m2)Kmart 4972
Kmart 4972Unknown6501 University Avenue (Lubbock, Texas)Lubbock, Texas10 July 199511 December 2016SK 5R178,158 square feet (16,551.4 m2)Kmart 4354 and Kmart 7218YWCA of Lubbock
Kmart 729872983201 Avenue Q (Lubbock, Texas)Lubbock, Texas19 October 197817 July 1991Previously-owned building88,000 square feet (8,200 m2)Globe Shopping CityByron Martin Advanced Technology Center
Kmart 43544354Kmart Plaza (Lubbock, Texas)6701 University Avenue (Lubbock, Texas)Lubbock, Texas18 May 19709 July 1995Full-size model pre-1972114,500 square feet (10,640 m2)Kmart 4972Trinity Christian School
Kmart 79127912Angelina Village (Lufkin, Texas)3061 South John Redditt Drive (Lufkin, Texas)Lufkin, Texas23 June 198326 March 2017Previously-owned building80,445 square feet (7,473.6 m2)Woolco 6094Goodland Dentistry and Atwoods Ranch & Home
Kmart 96049604Marshall Mall (Marshall, Texas)1300 East Pinecrest Drive (Marshall, Texas)Marshall, Texas16 April 198021 December 19909500 series mini Kmart60,842 square feet (5,652.4 m2)Teaching Treasures and BlueCross BlueShield offices
Kmart 43894389Kmart Plaza (McAllen, Texas)1801 South 10th Street (McAllen, Texas)McAllen, Texas22 November 197111 April 2020Expanded108,000 square feet (10,000 m2)Street Sound Customs (auto center)
Kmart 47074707Kmart Shopping Center (McAllen, Texas)3701 North 23rd Street (McAllen, Texas)McAllen, Texas23 March 1992April 2012Series 38R91,266 square feet (8,478.9 m2)Spectrum call center
Kmart 35193519Kmart Shopping Center (Midland, Texas)340 North Midland Drive (Midland, Texas)Midland, Texas23 October 198026 May 2002Group 3 full-size89,942 square feet (8,355.9 m2)TurnKey Storage
Kmart 470847081405 East Expressway 83 (Mission, Texas)Mission, Texas11 May 19927 August 2016Series 38L95,893 square feet (8,908.8 m2)Kmart 9643Murdoch's Ranch & Home and Burlington 1506
Kmart 96439643801 North Bryan Road (Mission, Texas)Mission, Texas1 November 197910 May 19929500 series mini Kmart55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)Kmart 4708Converse shoe factory
Kmart 951095101030 North University Drive (Nacogdoches, Texas)Nacogdoches, Texas21 November 197726 July 19869500 series mini Kmart55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)Wonder World
Kmart 37273727Freiheit Center (New Braunfels, Texas)1050 Interstate 35 North (New Braunfels, Texas)New Braunfels, Texas27 July 198913 April 2003Series 36L86,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)Kmart 9110Kohl's 773
Kmart 91109110Walnut Square (New Braunfels, Texas)626 South Walnut Avenue (New Braunfels, Texas)New Braunfels, Texas3 June 197622 July 1989Previously-owned building55,000 square feet (5,100 m2)Kmart 3727W.T. Grant
Kmart 319931992018 East 42nd Street (Odessa, Texas)Odessa, Texas10 October 197413 April 2003Group 3 full-size84,148 square feet (7,817.6 m2)Goody's 412 and Lacks Home Furnishings 134
Kmart 71157115Orangehurst West Shopping Center (Orange, Texas)2260 MacArthur Drive (Orange, Texas)Orange, Texas27 July 197826 February 1995Group 7 mini Kmart71,000 square feet (6,600 m2)Big Lots 1053, Sears Hometown 3916, and Citi Trends 212
Kmart 96419641Palestine Mall (Palestine, Texas)2100 South Loop 256 (Palestine, Texas)Palestine, Texas24 October 197922 June 19869500 series mini Kmart55,000 square feet (5,100 m2)Wonder World
Kmart 95759575Pampa Mall (Pampa, Texas)2545 Perryton Parkway (Pampa, Texas)Pampa, Texas23 August 197921 December 19909500 series mini Kmart55,000 square feet (5,100 m2)Country General
Kmart 957695762445 North Main Street (Paris, Texas)Paris, Texas20 September 197919 May 2002Expanded87,675 square feet (8,145.3 m2)Atwoods Ranch & Home 26
Kmart 43984398Kmart Plaza (Pasadena, Texas)4200 Pasadena Boulevard (Pasadena, Texas)Pasadena, Texas22 October 19703 May 1995Full-size model pre-1972107,299 square feet (9,968.4 m2)Kmart 7751Hobby Lobby 103 and Big Lots 1116
Kmart 775177515200 Fairmont Parkway (Pasadena, Texas)Pasadena, Texas4 May 199513 April 2003Series 40R118,171 square feet (10,978.4 m2)Kmart 4398 and Kmart 4024
Kmart 492649261919 North Main Street (Pearland, Texas)Pearland, Texas24 March 19942 June 2002SK 3L170,049 square feet (15,798.1 m2)Kmart 7312
Kmart 73127312Kmart Shopping Center (Pearland, Texas)3265 East Broadway Street (Pearland, Texas)Pearland, Texas20 March 198023 March 1994Group 7 mini Kmart71,000 square feet (6,600 m2)Kmart 4926Petco 447, Palais Royal 241, and Kroger 264
Kmart 9574Unknown2801 Dimmitt Road (Plainview, Texas)Plainview, Texas31 May 19794 October 19929500 series mini Kmart60,202 square feet (5,592.9 m2)Kmart 7314Sutherlands HomeBase
Kmart 7314Unknown4411 Olton Road (Plainview, Texas)Plainview, Texas5 October 199226 May 2002Series 38R91,266 square feet (8,478.9 m2)Kmart 9574Harvest Christian Fellowship
Kmart 75097509Park West Plaza (Plano, Texas)2300 Coit Road (Plano, Texas)Plano, Texas5 November 198130 August 1992Group 7 mini Kmart76,000 square feet (7,100 m2)Kmart 4733Fitness Factory, Mardel Christian & Education 7, Willow Bend Academy, Matrix Rehabilitation, and Kiefer Swim Shop
Kmart 47334733Collin Creek Shopping Center (Plano, Texas)800 West 15th Street (Plano, Texas)Plano, Texas31 August 199213 April 2003Series 37L108,380 square feet (10,069 m2)Kmart 7485, Kmart 7509, and Kmart 4447Floor & Decor 112 and SYMS
Kmart 74857485Parker Crossing Shopping Center (Plano, Texas)1110 East Parker Road (Plano, Texas)Plano, Texas11 June 198130 August 1992Group 7 mini Kmart75,000 square feet (7,000 m2)Kmart 4733Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Kmart 72967296Northshore Plaza (Portland, Texas)1400 Wildcat Drive (Portland, Texas)Portland, Texas13 November 19808 April 2018Expanded82,926 square feet (7,704.1 m2)
Kmart 44474447Kmart Plaza (Richardson, Texas)110 West Campbell Road (Richardson, Texas)Richardson, Texas20 November 197230 August 1992Group 4 full-size84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)Kmart 4733Northern Tool and Equipment, OfficeMax 431, and President's Health Club
Kmart 3901390128000 US Highway 59 (Rosenberg, Texas)Rosenberg, Texas23 August 199313 April 2003SK L171,266 square feet (15,911.1 m2)Kmart 7038Texas Department of Public Safety Driver License Mega Center, Baskins 167, Workforce Solutions, Jumping Zaxx Indoor Trampoline Park, Mariana's Texas Cook'n, Cricket Wireless, Shoes 4 Less, and Just Brakes
Kmart 703870383803 Avenue H (Rosenberg, Texas)Rosenberg, Texas14 August 197522 August 1993Group 7 mini Kmart71,657 square feet (6,657.2 m2)Kmart 3901Variety Outlet 7803
Kmart 40294029Kmart Plaza (San Angelo, Texas)3129 Sherwood Way (San Angelo, Texas)San Angelo, Texas28 March 196321 December 1990Full-size model pre-197288,000 square feet (8,200 m2)H-E-B 52
Kmart 477547753993 West Loop 306 (San Angelo, Texas)San Angelo, Texas15 June 19922 June 2002Series 38L95,893 square feet (8,908.8 m2)Kmart 7489
Kmart 748974892020 North Bryant Boulevard (San Angelo, Texas)San Angelo, Texas23 July 198114 June 1992Group 7 mini Kmart75,000 square feet (7,000 m2)Kmart 4775San Angelo Bazaar, La Azteca Meat Market, Concho Valley Bingo, and Express Rent to Own
Kmart 34933493Kmart Plaza (San Antonio, Texas)238 Southwest Military Drive (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas19 October 197813 April 2003Previously-owned building81,304 square feet (7,553.4 m2)Globe Shopping CitySouthern Careers Institute, L'Amor Nails, Great White Dental, Boost Mobile, Pregnancy Testing Center, Southern Star Salon, Beadz & Jewelry, Irresistible Collection, DD's Discounts 5129, and Melrose 45
Kmart 36903690Bandera Festival Shopping Center (San Antonio, Texas)7723 Guilbeau Road (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas5 October 19882 June 2002Series 36L86,059 square feet (7,995.1 m2)Dollar Tree 1131, Big Lots 1832, Bexar County Justice of the Peace office, Pump It Up, and DC Martial Arts
Kmart 73007300Kmart Plaza (San Antonio, Texas)315 South Santa Rosa Avenue (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas19 October 197813 April 2003Previously-owned building63,790 square feet (5,926 m2)Globe Shopping City
Kmart 347934792735 Austin Highway (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas16 November 197823 October 1994Group 3 full-size83,713 square feet (7,777.2 m2)Kmart 4941Frost Bank data center
Kmart 73017301Kmart Plaza (San Antonio, Texas)4902 Fredericksburg Road (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas19 October 197829 October 2000Previously-owned Building66,000 square feet (6,100 m2)Globe Shopping CityGraham Central Station
Kmart 34813481Gateway Plaza (San Antonio, Texas)7171 West US Highway 90 (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas16 November 197822 May 1994Group 3 full-size90,515 square feet (8,409.1 m2)Kmart 3992Highway 90 Flea Market and Dollar General 3346
Kmart 73027302K mart Plaza (San Antonio, Texas)8505 Broadway (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas19 October 1978June 1980Previously-owned building66,000 square feet (6,100 m2)Globe Shopping CityConsumer's Commissary
Kmart 4941494111711 Interstate 35 North (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas24 October 199413 April 2003SK 3L166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)Kmart 3479 and Kmart 7241Maximus offices, Texas Health and Human Services Commission benefits office, and Southwest Airlines call center
Kmart 34923492Kmart Plaza (San Antonio, Texas)7142 San Pedro Avenue (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas19 October 197823 February 1994Previously-owned building84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)Kmart 3948Globe Shopping CityLacks Home Furnishings 19
Kmart 399239922015 Southwest Loop 410 (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas23 May 199413 April 2003SK 3R166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)Kmart 3481 and Kmart 7299Harmony School of Excellence and America's Incredible Pizza Company
Kmart 740474042902 Goliad Road (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas21 August 198013 April 2003Previously-owned building101,500 square feet (9,430 m2)Spartan-Atlantic 30Wingstop, A&B Hearing Center, Ace Cash Express, Nails Miracle, Goodwill, Big Lots 1963, Anna’s Linens, Cherry’s Buffet, Boost Mobile, Texas Physical Therapy Specialists, Salon Platnum, and San Antonio Kidney Disease Center
Kmart 3948394812300 San Pedro Avenue (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas25 February 19942 June 2002SK 3R170,049 square feet (15,798.1 m2)Kmart 3492Northside Ford
Kmart 72997299Kmart Plaza (San Antonio, Texas)4343 West Commerce Street (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas19 October 197822 May 1994Previously-owned building88,256 square feet (8,199.3 m2)Kmart 3992Globe Shopping CityPass & Seymour manufacturing plant
Kmart 92399239King Plaza (Seguin, Texas)1380 East Court Street (Seguin, Texas)Seguin, Texas14 September 197821 December 1990Group 9 mini Kmart40,000 square feet (3,700 m2)Hastings 9619 and JCPenney 1058
Kmart 493149312701 North US Highway 75 (Sherman, Texas)Sherman, Texas2 May 199413 April 2003SK 3R166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)Kmart 3062Gander Mountain 408, Ultimate Family Fitness, Tuesday Morning 803, and Alorica offices
Kmart 306230622222 Texoma Parkway (Sherman, Texas)Sherman, Texas16 November 19721 May 1994Group 3 full-size94,500 square feet (8,780 m2)Kmart 4931Big Lots 1027, Heilig-Meyers 998, Capio Partners offices, Assetcare offices, and Dollar General 3627
Kmart 926892683500 College Avenue (Snyder, Texas)Snyder, Texas20 November 198012 March 1995Group 9 mini Kmart55,000 square feet (5,100 m2)
Kmart 40244024Kmart Plaza (South Houston, Texas)1402 Spencer Highway (South Houston, Texas)South Houston, Texas8 November 19623 May 1995Full-size model pre-1972108,000 square feet (10,000 m2)Kmart 7751Storage USA
Kmart 34043404Murphy Road Shopping Center (Stafford, Texas)445 Farm-to-Market Road 1092 (Stafford, Texas)Stafford, Texas15 November 197929 August 1995Group 3 full-size84,210 square feet (7,823 m2)Stafford Marketplace
Kmart 917891782150 West Washington Street (Stephenville, Texas)Stephenville, Texas29 September 197721 December 1990Group 9 mini Kmart39,797 square feet (3,697.3 m2)H-E-B 6
Kmart 39043904Market at Town Center (Sugar Land, Texas)2745 Town Center Boulevard (Sugar Land, Texas)Sugar Land, Texas14 November 19972 June 2002Previously-owned building108,320 square feet (10,063 m2)Venture 138Alex Burton Salons, Lane Home Furnishings, David's Bridal 232, Designer Shoe Warehouse 29225, and SwimLabs Swim School
Kmart 92159215817 Gilmer Street (Sulphur Springs, Texas)Sulphur Springs, Texas9 November 197826 February 1995Group 9 mini Kmart40,316 square feet (3,745.5 m2)Lake Pointe Church
Kmart 925992591210 East Broadway Avenue (Sweetwater, Texas)Sweetwater, Texas6 September 197918 July 1992Group 9 mini Kmart40,260 square feet (3,740 m2)Kmart 4808Higginbotham Brothers Do It Best Building Center
Kmart 48084808210 South East Georgia Avenue (Sweetwater, Texas)Sweetwater, Texas19 July 19927 August 2016Series 38R91,266 square feet (8,478.9 m2)Kmart 9259Sutherlands 3123
Kmart 321732173809 South General Bruce Drive (Temple, Texas)Temple, Texas24 October 197413 April 2003Group 3 full-size84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)AT&T, CitiFinancial, The UPS Store, Miracle Ear, Vapor Domain, Central Texas Gold Exchange, Temple Family Dentistry, Smarty Pants, Super Nails, Batteries Plus Bulbs, and Animal Emergency Center
Kmart 73097309Kmart Plaza (Texarkana, Texas)4520 West 7th Street (Texarkana, Texas)Texarkana, Texas30 October 198028 January 2018Expanded87,407 square feet (8,120.4 m2)
Kmart 41864186Kmart Plaza (Texarkana, Texas)5001 North State Line Avenue (Texarkana, Texas)Texarkana, Texas1 October 197029 August 1995Full-size model pre-1972104,000 square feet (9,700 m2)Bargain Depot and Tractor Supply Co. 442
Kmart 74117411Palmer Shopping Center (Texas City, Texas)3502 Palmer Highway (Texas City, Texas)Texas City, Texas13 November 198013 November 1997Group 7 mini Kmart74,823 square feet (6,951.3 m2)Kmart 3835Big Lots 1410
Kmart 38353835Texas City Bay (Texas City, Texas)3401 Palmer Highway (Texas City, Texas)Texas City, Texas14 November 199713 April 2003Previously-owned building98,154 square feet (9,118.8 m2)Kmart 7411Venture 123BP offices
Kmart 484148411909 East Southeast Loop 323 (Tyler, Texas)Tyler, Texas9 November 199213 April 2003Series 37L104,231 square feet (9,683.4 m2)Kmart 4025 and Kmart 9601Hobby Lobby 31 and Ritter Ace Hardware
Kmart 40254025Kmart Plaza (Tyler, Texas)1415 South Beckham Avenue (Tyler, Texas)Tyler, Texas23 November 19628 November 1992Full-size model pre-197283,000 square feet (7,700 m2)Kmart 4841Big Lots 1038 and Factory Shoe Warehouse
Kmart 960196013000 West Northwest Loop 323 (Tyler, Texas)Tyler, Texas2 August 19798 November 19929500 series mini Kmart57,400 square feet (5,330 m2)Kmart 4841Super 1 Foods 625
Kmart 724172413150 Pat Booker Road (Universal City, Texas)Universal City, Texas16 November 197823 October 1994Group 7 mini Kmart72,454 square feet (6,731.2 m2)Kmart 4941Brylane LP call center
Kmart 92509250411 East Main Street (Uvalde, Texas)Uvalde, Texas2 November 197826 February 1995Group 9 mini Kmart40,077 square feet (3,723.3 m2)Tractor Supply Co. 390 and Dollar General 3780
Kmart 70047004Kmart Shopping Center (Victoria, Texas)3601 North Navarro Street (Victoria, Texas)Victoria, Texas5 October 197217 October 1993Group 7 mini Kmart83,000 square feet (7,700 m2)Kmart 4904Variety Outlet 7811
Kmart 490449046106 North Navarro Street (Victoria, Texas)Victoria, Texas18 October 19932 June 2002SK 2L184,817 square feet (17,170.1 m2)Kmart 7004
Kmart 49484948200 North New Road (Waco, Texas)Waco, Texas6 September 199413 April 2003SK 2R190,174 square feet (17,667.7 m2)Kmart 4012 and Kmart 7220Academy Sports + Outdoors 24, Conn's HomePlus 117, Baskins 171, and Gold's Gym
Kmart 40124012Kmart Plaza (Waco, Texas)4324 West Waco Drive (Waco, Texas)Waco, Texas23 September 19655 September 1994Expanded98,800 square feet (9,180 m2)Kmart 4948Stein Mart 129, OfficeMax 592, Hancock Fabrics 1527, and AT&T
Kmart 917791771314 South Main Street (Weatherford, Texas)Weatherford, Texas11 August 197721 December 1990Group 9 mini Kmart39,797 square feet (3,697.3 m2)Super Save Food Warehouse
Kmart 38703870Baybrook Gateway (Webster, Texas)1001 West Bay Area Boulevard (Webster, Texas)Webster, Texas14 November 199713 April 2003Previously-owned building101,613 square feet (9,440.2 m2)Venture 131Circuit City 3856, Linens 'n Things 1238, and Cost Plus World Market 258
Kmart 70727072Kmart Shopping Center (Webster, Texas)1000 West NASA Boulevard (Webster, Texas)Webster, Texas8 March 197929 August 1995Group 7 mini Kmart71,000 square feet (6,600 m2)Conn's HomePlus 29, Clear Lake Furniture, Bikini Beach Night Club, and Houston Garden Centers
Kmart 492049201901 West US Highway 83 (Weslaco, Texas)Weslaco, Texas27 June 199413 April 2003SK 2L190,174 square feet (17,667.7 m2)Kmart 9594Dollar Tree 3165, Ross Dress for Less 1088, Melrose 56, Bealls 27, Hibbett Sports 588, Dots Fashions, Cicis Pizza 281, DirectBuy, and Ultimate Fitness Center
Kmart 959495941000 West US Highway 83 (Weslaco, Texas)Weslaco, Texas1 November 197926 June 19949500 series mini Kmart55,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)Kmart 4920Tractor Supply Co. 422 and The Family Church
Kmart 43464346Kmart Plaza (White Settlement, Texas)1701 South Cherry Lane (White Settlement, Texas)White Settlement, Texas20 November 19692 June 2002Expanded103,869 square feet (9,649.7 m2)Academy Sports + Outdoors 97 and Conn's HomePlus 85
Kmart 482848283712 Call Field Road (Wichita Falls, Texas)Wichita Falls, Texas19 April 199313 April 2003Series 37L104,231 square feet (9,683.4 m2)Kmart 4348Kohl's 115 and Lane Bryant 4504
Kmart 724772472047 Loop 11 (Wichita Falls, Texas)Wichita Falls, Texas1 November 197912 March 1995Group 7 mini Kmart69,062 square feet (6,416.1 m2)Atwoods Ranch & Home 16
Kmart 43484348Kmart Plaza (Wichita Falls, Texas)2805 Southwest Highway (Wichita Falls, Texas)Wichita Falls, Texas16 October 196918 April 1993Full-size model pre-1972100,000 square feet (9,300 m2)Kmart 4828Hobby Lobby 39 and Hastings 9663

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