Main Street (Racine, Wisconsin)

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Coordinates: 42°44′04″N 87°47′05″W / 42.73451°N 87.78474°W / 42.73451; -87.78474

Main Street
Section 1
Length4.0 mi (6.4 km)
north endThree Mile Road at border with Caledonia and Wind Point
south endCarre-Hogle Park
Section 2
Length0.1 mi (0.2 km)
north endCarre-Hogle Park
south endWisconsin Avenue and DeKoven Avenue
Major citiesRacine

Main Street is a major north-south commercial street in Racine, Wisconsin, which continues into the neighboring municipalities of Caledonia and Wind Point north of Racine, and passes through the village of North Bay inside Racine. It is the primary thoroughfare in downtown Racine, and runs parallel with the shoreline of Lake Michigan, which is a few blocks away for most of the street's length. The Main Street Bridge, which connects North Main Street with the downtown section, is the last crossing over the Root River before it enters the lake. The street's distance is 4.0 miles (6.4 km) in the city, between Three Mile Road, at the city's northern limits, and Carre-Hogle Park, where it ends in a cul-de-sac. Another unconnected 0.1 miles (0.16 km) cul-de-sac called Main Street continues out of the park, ending at Wisconsin Avenue just north of its intersection with DeKoven Avenue. South of the Root River, Main Street is equivalent to 200 in Racine's addressing system; that is, buildings along cross streets immediately west of Main have street addresses beginning with 200, while buildings immediately east of it have addresses beginning with 100. North Main Street, however, is equivalent to 400.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1996, the Main Street Bridge was demolished and replaced.

Route[edit | edit source]

West side (even)    East side (odd)
Continued as North Main Street (Caledonia, Wisconsin)
3 Mile Road (4000)
Crystal Bay Senior Living (3900 North Main) Express Cleaners (3953 North Main)
North Shore Bank (3911 North Main)
Saxony Drive (3900)
Carlson Park Residences
Barclay Apartments (3801 North Main)
Residences Continued as North Main Street
(North Bay, Wisconsin)
Carlton Drive (3700)
Continued as North Main Street (North Bay, Wisconsin)
North Street (3500)
Residences Residences
Jonathon Drive
Residences Residences
Lakecrest Avenue
Shoreland Drive (3400)
South Street (3300)
Lombard Avenue (3100)
Residences Residences
Melvin Avenue (3000)
Residences Residences
William Street (2800)
Residences Residences
Wolff Street (2700)
Residences Residences
Augusta Street (2600)
Racine Zoo
Romayne Avenue (2500)
Walton Avenue (2300)
Mangat Inc., Citgo #14234005 (2100 North Main)
Goold Street (2100)
Residences Lakeview Park
Yout Street (2000)
Residences Residences
English Street (1900)
Northwinds Gallery (1700 North Main)
One Stop Food & Liquor (1711 North Main)
1701 North Main Street
High Street (1700)
A-1 Appliances (1658 North Main)
Premier Solutions Group (1652 North Main)
The Rhino Bar (1659 North Main)
1655 North Main Street
Catrine's Barber Shop (1653 North Main)
St. Patrick Street (1600)
Residences Residences
Kewaunee Street (1500)
Janes Elementary School (1425 North Wisconsin) DeRango "the Pizza King" (1439 North Main)
Almost Home Academy II (1401 North Main)
Barker Street (1400)
Don & Dale's Service (1338 North Main)
Main Body & Foot Massage (1324 North Main)
Main Hub (1300 North Main)
Coasters Bar & Grill (1301 North Main)
Hubbard Street (1300)
Captain John's Sammys & Such (1240 North Main)
Ace Heating & Cooling (1238 North Main)
1202 North Main Street
1200 North Main Street
1207 North Main Street
George's Tavern (1200 North Main)
Hamilton Street (1200)
Firestone Complete Auto Care #655244
(1126 North Main)
FirstWeber (1100 North Main)
Eagles Club (319 Hamilton)
W.H. Pugh Company (1117 North Main)
Wisconsin Senior Services (1109 North Main)
1101 North Main Street
Dodge Street (1100)
Root River Pathway 303 Dodge Street
Root River
(Main Street Bridge)
Root River
(Main Street Bridge)
Thompson Park
1st Street (100) Service road
Belle Harbor Lofts (134 Main Street) One Main Street
The Harbor at State and Main
2nd Street (200)
Parking lot
State Street Gas Light Drive
Shoop Building (222 Main)
Shoop Public Parking Ramp (226 Main)
Amos Los Tacos (230 Main)
232 Main Street
Metamorphosis Arts (234 Main)
Marci's on Main (236 Main)
Uncorkt (240 Main)
Gendlin Liverman & Rymer (246 Main)
Vacant land
The Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery (231 Main)
235 Main Street
237 Main Street
Siena Catholic Schools of Racine,
Main Place, McClurg Building (245 Main)
3rd Street (300)
300 Main Street
Orange Thread Collection (302 Main)
Tangles (304 Main)
Lighthouse Gallery & Gifts (306 Main)
Racine Antique Mall (310 Main)
Salute Italian Restaurant (314 Main)
The Brickhouse (316 Main)
318 Main Street
Twice Baked Pottery (320 Main)
Plumb Gold (322 Main)
Plumb Silver (324 Main)
Sheepish (326 Main)
Main Street Bakery (328 Main)
SheaBroJae's Natural Expressions (330 Main)
Art Metals Studio (332 Main)
Red Moon (334 Main)
The Creative Suite (336 Main)
Design Partners (338 Main)
Martinizing Dry Cleaning (301 Main)
Racine Brewing Company (303 Main)
305 Main Street
Studio 262 Hair Lounge (307 Main)
The Main Credentials (309 Main)
311 Main Street
Crosswalk Park (317 Main)
Abrazo Coffee (321 Main)
Dover Flag & Map (323 Main)
Mrs. Betty's Kitchen (327 Main)
329 Main Street
Evelyn's (331 Main)
Nailed It! (333 Main)
Cosmic Corner (335 Main)
EYEopenerZ (337 Main)
Focus 21 Studios (345 Main)
4th Street (400)
Smart Mart (400 Main)
Gold Diamond & Design (402 Main)
Black Hand Tattoo Gallery (406 Main)
408 Main Street
Not Your Parents Basement Gaming Lounge,
Red Sky Lighting, Varitay Studios (410 Main)
Dimple's LLC (416 Main)
Vapemeisters (420 Main)
422 Main Street
424 Main Street
RG Natural Babies (430 Main)
Jan's Card Shop (434 Main)
Racine Creative Center,
Haymarket Square Building (436-440 Main)
Artists Gallery (401 Main)
Seams Unlimited (403 Main)
CCB, Inc. (405 Main)
KDS Construction Services (407 Main)
Plush Clothing (409 Main)
Arcade Apartments (413 Main)
Northern Lights Gallery (423 Main)
Downtown Racine Corporation (425 Main)
Culture Bar (433 Main)
Racine Art Museum (441 Main)
5th Street (500)
Monument Square Johnson Building
Sam Johnson Parkway (600)
Park Place
6th Street (600)
Janes Building (201 6th)
Badger Building (610 Main)
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Racine Post Office
McMynn Parking Ramp
7th Street (700)
Racine County Law Enforcement Center Racine Heritage Museum (701 Main)
723 Main Street
First United Methodist Church
8th Street (800)
Veterans Center and Legacy Museum (820 Main)
The Foxhole Lounge (820 Main)
Main Street Apartments (826 Main)
Planned Parenthood Medical Arts Building (834 Main)
Maresh-Meredith and Acklam Funeral Home (803 Main)
Open Pantry (817 Main)
Bruner Law Offices (827 Main)
Housing Authority of Racine County (837 Main)
9th Street (900)
Lucius Blake House (936 Main)
Hope City Church (944 Main)
Christmas House (116 10th)
10th Street (1000)
Racine Masonic Center
Parklane Apartments (1024 Main)
Faithbridge Church
East Park
Lincoln Building (Gateway Technical College)
11th Street (1100)
Bull Manor (1130 Main)
The Olin House (1144 Main)
East Park Towers (111 11th)
12th Street (1200)
Residences Residences
13th Street (1300)
14th Street (1400) Carre-Hogle Park
15th Street (1500)
16th Street (1600)
Carre-Hogle Park

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