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Coordinates: 34°10′00″S 70°45′00″W / 34.166667°S 70.75°W / -34.166667; -70.75

Rancagua is the largest city in O'Higgins Region and located 81 km south to Santiago de Chile.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Rancagua on OSM Osm icon64px.png

Pharmacies[edit | edit source]


Independencia No.548

Portal Rancagua

Portal Rancagua Jumbo

Portal Rancagua Ahumada



Dr.Simi OHiggins #2933

Botica Anich

Salcobrand Paseo Independencia 615

Tu Dosis

Tu Farmacia

Farmacia Cruz Verde, dr. Salinas

Homeopathy store[edit | edit source]

Farmacias Knop

Medical assistance[edit | edit source]

CESFAM, Rancagua

Hotels[edit | edit source]

Restaurants[edit | edit source]

Pto Wok Restaurant

references[edit | edit source]

  1. rancagua.cl