Washington Avenue (Racine, Wisconsin)

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Coordinates: 42°42′51″N 87°48′21″W / 42.71422°N 87.80576°W / 42.71422; -87.80576

Washington Avenue
Route information
Length3.36 mi (5.41 km)
Wisconsin Highway 20 (entire length)
Wisconsin Highway 32 (7th Street roundabout to Racine Street)
east end7th Street roundabout
west endRacine city limits
Washington Avenue (Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin)
Major citiesRacine, Wisconsin

Washington Avenue is a west-east commercial road, part of which is in the city of Racine, Wisconsin. The road extends 3.36 miles (5.41 km) from its eastern terminus at the 7th Street roundabout, where it intersects with 6th Street and 7th Street, to Racine's city limits near South Green Bay Road in the west, and then continues as Washington Avenue in the village of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. For its entire length in the city of Racine, Washington Avenue carries Wisconsin Highway 20, and it additionally carries Wisconsin Highway 32 from its eastern end to Racine Street. Traveling southwest from the roundabout in Downtown Racine, Washington Avenue is the main thoroughfare through the Midtown and Uptown neighborhoods. In the heart of Uptown, the road merges with 14th Street and follows an overpass above Memorial Drive. Washington then turns northwest to merge with 12th Street at West Boulevard in the center of the West Racine neighborhood, before proceeding due west to the Racine city limits and into Mount Pleasant.

West of West Boulevard, Washington Avenue follows the route of 12th Street and is equivalent to 1200 in Racine's addressing system; that is, buildings along cross streets immediately south of Washington have street addresses beginning with 1200, while buildings immediately north of it have addresses beginning with 1100.

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Route[edit | edit source]

North side (even)     South side (odd)
6th Street 7th Street
7th Street roundabout (700)
City Hall Fellowship of Christian Believers Church
(703 Washington)

719 Center Street
Center Street
Public Safety Building
8th Street (800)
854 Washington Avenue Racine Transmission (829 Washington)
Maxine's Cocktails (843 Washington)
9th Street (900)
Empty triangle Velasquez and Sons Mufflers (915 Washington)
Avenue Automotive Center (939 Washington)
South Marquette Street
Popeyes #82226 (920 Washington)
10th Street (1000)
1000 Washington Avenue
CoveredCare (1006 Washington)
Opportunities Industrialization Center (1020 Washington)
SAFE Haven of Racine (1030 Washington)
Max Magic Supermarket (1007 Washington)
Children's Academy Washington Ave. (1015 Washington)
1045 Washington Avenue
11th Street (1100)
Racine Street
Tino's Carry Out (1100 Washington)
Welcome Mart BP and Subway #57857 (1130 Washington)
Midtown Tires (1158 Washington)
1105 Washington Avenue
1109 Washington Avenue
Rerun's Lounge (1111 Washington)
1125 Washington Avenue
1129 Washington Avenue
Anvil Carriage Company (1133 Washington)
1149 Washington Avenue
12th Street (1200)
1200 Washington Avenue Nielsen Machine Company (1201 Washington)
Smith Welding and Fabrication (1225 Washington)
Union Pacific Kenosha Subdivision
HFI Fluid Power Products (1210 Washington)
1232 Washington Avenue
Chana's Bar (1240 Washington)
1248 Washington Avenue
Empty triangle
13th Street (1300)
1322 Washington Avenue
HighRiders Motorcycle Club (1328 Washington)
Jimmy's Mr. Kool Sports Bar (1330 Washington)
1334 Washington Avenue
1346 Washington Avenue
1352 Washington Avenue
1354 Washington Avenue
Botanica Mi Esperanza (1400 Washington)
1406 Washington Avenue
Candleshoe Antiques and Collectibles (1410 Washington)
1418 Washington Avenue
1426 Washington Avenue
1500 Washington Avenue
1504 Washington Avenue
1508 Washington Avenue
1510 Washington Avenue
Racine Merchandise Mart (1512 Washington)
1518 Washington Avenue
Uptown China / RongHua (1530 Washington)
Memorial Drive underpass
Furniture Warehouse (1610 Washington)
Catfish & More (1644 Washington)
Lloyd Plaza (1650 Washington Avenue)
1710 Washington Avenue
El-Shaddai Community Church (1734 Washington)
Warning Track (1301 Washington)
1303 Washington Avenue
1323 Washington Avenue
Kabab and Grill (1327 Washington)
Petals by Felicia (1337 Washington)
1341 Washington Avenue
D&D Vacuum Sales & Service (1353 Washington)
14th Street (1400)
Junction Avenue
Liquor Depot (1401 Washington)
Schmitt Music (1409 Washington)
Uptown Eyes (1421 Washington)
Ann Street (1500)
The Branch At 1501 (1501 Washington)
Yogi's Pud'n (1505 Washington)
1509 Washington Avenue
1511 Washington Avenue
1513 Washington Avenue
1515 Washington Avenue
Corner House Prime Rib (1521 Washington)
Owen Avenue (1600)
1601 Washington Avenue
Memorial Drive underpass
Minds of Tomorrow Montessori (1407 South Memorial)
South Memorial Drive onramp
US Pantry Food Mart (1627 Washington)
1637 Washington Avenue
Packard Avenue (1700)
Auto Pit Stop (1717 Washington)
Valley Drive (1900) Phillips Avenue (1900)
Washington Apartments (2000 Washington)
Parkview Manor Apartments (2200 Washington)
Guy Lloyd, Inc. (2300 Washington)
Erskine Park
Salvation Army Chapel (1901 Washington)
Washington Inn Apartments (1915 Washington)
1925 Washington Avenue
2005 Washington Avenue
Taylor Avenue (2200)
The Covenant at Murray Mansion (2219 Washington)
Kearney Avenue (2300)
Boyd Avenue (2400)
Holmes Avenue (2500)
Fleet Avenue (2600)
Lee's Deli (2615 Washington)
Wright Avenue (2700)
Grange Avenue
2703 Washington Avenue
1300 Grange Avenue
1304 Grange Avenue
Thurston Avenue (2800)
Quincy Avenue (2900)
Deane Boulevard (3000)
Beth Israel Sinai (3009 Washington)
The Park Theatre (3017 Washington)
Racine Education Association (1201 West)
12th Street
Mound Cemetery
West Boulevard (3100)
DeRango The Pizza King (3114 Washington)
Trends (3120 Washington)
Headquarters Barbershop (3122 Washington)
DaVita Harbor View Dialysis
West Racine Farmers Market (3113 Washington)
Grove Avenue (3200)
Bendtsen's Bakery (3200 Washington)
Lifeforce Chiropractic (3204 Washington)
Harbor PC (3208 Washington)
Molbeck's Health & Spice Shop (3212 Washington)
3216 Washington Avenue
Avenue Pet Shoppe (3222 Washington)
Jewel Time Jewelry (3201 Washington)
Dunk's Public House (3207 Washington)
Midwest Embroidery & Graphics (3211 Washington)
Johnson's Home Furnishings (3219 Washington)
3221 Washington Avenue
Hayes Avenue (3300)
Better Way Ministries (3300 Washington)
Wilson's Coffee & Tea (3306 Washington)
La Llama Ardiente (3308 Washington)
Arise! Christian Stores (3312 and 3314 Washington)
Gold Bear Trading Co. (3316 Washington)
Alcoholicos Anonimos (3318 Washington)
Upper 90 Soccer Shop (3320 Washington)
The Glam Studio (3322 Washington)
USA Payday Loans (3326 Washington)
Infusino's Pizzeria (3301 Washington)
The Bluegrass (3305 Washington)
Larsen Bakery (3309 Washington)
3313 Washington Avenue
Gethsemane Lutheran Church (3319 Washington)
Blaine Avenue (3400)
Residences Residences
Arthur Avenue (3500)
Residences Residences
Cleveland Avenue (3600)
Residences Residences
West Lawn Avenue (3700)
Grace Lutheran Church (3700 Washington)
Monroe Avenue (3800)
Stu's Auto Services (3824 Washington)
Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids (3801 Washington)
Racine Fire Department Station 4 (3829 Washington)
Lathrop Avenue (3900)
Residences D'Acquisto Motors (1202 Lathrop
Family Dollar #5950 (3919 Washington)
Russet Street (4000)
Residences Calvary Memorial Church
Orchard Street (4100)
Residences 4101 Washington Avenue
Kentucky Street (4200)
Residences Residences
Indiana Street (4300)
Residences Mobil (4301 Washington)
Oregon Street (4400)
Residences Residences
Illinois Street (4500)
Residences Washington Professional Center (4501 Washington)
Virginia Street (4600)
Martinizing (4606 Washington)
Speedway #2089 (4620 Washington)
4615 Washington Avenue
4621 Washington Avenue
American Coin & Jewelry (4625 Washington)
Ohio Street (4700)
4700 Washington Avenue
Walgreens #2927 (4810 Washington)
Wendy's #935 (4910 Washington)
Firestone Complete Auto Care #655260 (4920 Washington)
Westgate Square Shopping Center
Perry Avenue (5000)
Pizza Hut #13439 (5000 Washington)
Hallman-Lindsay Paints (5016 Washington)
Town Bank
Former site of Westgate Cinema
Christ Church United Methodist
Racine Centre
Roosevelt Avenue (5100)
5100 Washington Avenue
Washington Square (5200 Washington)
5220 Washington Avenue
Sycamore Avenue (5300)
BP (5302 Washington)
Continues as Washington Avenue (Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin)

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