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Kmart 73697369131 Pleasant Drive (Aliquippa, Pennsylvania)Aliquippa, Pennsylvania20 November 1980January 1996
Kmart 434443444701 Tilghman Street (Allentown, Pennsylvania)Allentown, Pennsylvania3 June 197119 November 2017Expanded120,811 square feet (11,223.7 m2)
Kmart 336133611502 South Fourth Street (Allentown, Pennsylvania)Allentown, Pennsylvania9 June 19776 January 2019Pre-1987 Prototype84,280 square feet (7,830 m2)
Kmart 724272421461 Airport Road (Allentown, Pennsylvania)Allentown, Pennsylvania26 May 1983April 1994Previously-owned building57,000 square feet (5,300 m2)Kings
Kmart 41504150528 West Plank Road (Altoona, Pennsylvania)Altoona, Pennsylvania22 February 19676 January 2019Expanded94,286 square feet (8,759.5 m2)
Kmart 709370932546 Constitution Boulevard (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania)Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania197615 February 1993
Kmart 732573252660 Constitution Boulevard (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania)Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania15 February 1993July 2016Series 37R112,434 square feet (10,445.5 m2)
Kmart 71207120780 Rostraver Road (Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania)Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania9 September 1976September 2017Previously-owned building105,432 square feet (9,795.0 m2)Grant
Kmart 356135611837 Street Road (Bensalem, Pennsylvania)Bensalem, Pennsylvania9 October 1980July 2017Previously-owned building96,554 square feet (8,970.2 m2)J.M. Fields
Kmart 916191611520 West Front Street (Berwick, Pennsylvania)Berwick, Pennsylvania25 August 197616 February 2020Previously-owned building50,000 square feet (4,600 m2)Grant
Kmart 444644463843 Nazareth Pike (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)Bethlehem, Pennsylvania20 November 197214 September 2013Pre-1987 Prototype100,814 square feet (9,365.9 m2)
Kmart 915891581389 New Berwick Highway (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania)Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania25 August 19762002Previously-owned building50,000 square feet (4,600 m2)Grant
Kmart 960996091001 East Main Street (Bradford, Pennsylvania)Bradford, Pennsylvania19792003Expanded93,838 square feet (8,717.8 m2)
Kmart 31413141Chartiers Valley Shopping Center (Bridgeville, Pennsylvania)1025 Washington Pike (Bridgeville, Pennsylvania)Bridgeville, Pennsylvania28 August 1975April 2018Pre-1987 Prototype95,933 square feet (8,912.5 m2)
Kmart 339233925005 Edgemont Avenue (Brookhaven, Pennsylvania)Brookhaven, Pennsylvania30 September 19762015Previously-owned building102,555 square feet (9,527.7 m2)Grant
Kmart 31493149700 Reed Road (Broomall, Pennsylvania)Broomall, Pennsylvania21 November 197426 September 2004Pre-1987 Prototype94,500 square feet (8,780 m2)The Home Depot #4181
Kmart 47724772Mifflin County Commons (Burnham, Pennsylvania)331 West Freedom Avenue (Burnham, Pennsylvania)Burnham, Pennsylvania18 November 1991December 2016Series 3896,156 square feet (8,933.2 m2)
Kmart 92109210Greater Lewistown Shopping Plaza (Burnham, Pennsylvania)North Logan Boulevard (Burnham, Pennsylvania)Burnham, Pennsylvania30 December 1981
Kmart 40454045Point Plaza Center#180 (Butler, Pennsylvania)Butler, Pennsylvania8 April 1965November 1993
Kmart 47714771601 Hansen Avenue (Butler, Pennsylvania)Butler, Pennsylvania7 November 19933 September 2017Series 37R107,857 square feet (10,020.2 m2)
Kmart 92089208Carlisle Plaza Mall (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)Carlisle, Pennsylvania28 July 197718 April 1996Previously-owned buildingTown & Country
Kmart 774677461180 Walnut Bottom Road (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)Carlisle, Pennsylvania18 April 19966 January 2019Series 40L113,442 square feet (10,539.1 m2)
Kmart 322532251005 Wayne Avenue (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)Chambersburg, Pennsylvania30 October 19741 December 2019Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 9642964222631 PA-68 (Clarion, Pennsylvania)Clarion, Pennsylvania20 November 198028 January 2018Expanded83,552 square feet (7,762.2 m2)
Kmart 97549754130 Plaza Drive (Clearfield, Pennsylvania)Clearfield, Pennsylvania3 June 1982199355,552 square feet (5,160.9 m2)Kmart #3564
Kmart 35643564260 Plaza Drive (Clearfield, Pennsylvania)Clearfield, Pennsylvania19932002Series 38L94,441 square feet (8,773.9 m2)Kmart #9754
Kmart 72937293713 East Baltimore Pike (Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania)Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania25 October 19791 December 2019Expanded87,443 square feet (8,123.7 m2)
Kmart 750875082400 Route 61 (Coal Township, Pennsylvania)Coal Township, Pennsylvania28 October 19823 November 2000
Kmart 391139113975 Columbia Avenue (Columbia, Pennsylvania)Columbia, Pennsylvania18 November 199130 August 2020Series 3686,079 square feet (7,997.0 m2)
Kmart 44454445825 Beaver Grade Road (Coraopolis, Pennsylvania)Coraopolis, Pennsylvania28 September 1972January 2018Pre-1987 Prototype100,814 square feet (9,365.9 m2)
Kmart 74177417Cranberry Mall (Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania)20111 Perry Highway (Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania)Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania20 November 19802002Expanded87,543 square feet (8,133.0 m2)
Kmart 34183418Devon Square (Devon, Pennsylvania)704 West Lancaster Avenue (Devon, Pennsylvania)Devon, Pennsylvania21 September 197730 July 2017Previously-owned building94,944 square feet (8,820.6 m2)J.M. FieldsTarget T-3310
Kmart 304730471011 Scranton Carbondale Highway (Dickson City, Pennsylvania)Dickson City, Pennsylvania18 October 197330 July 2017Expanded116,636 square feet (10,835.8 m2)
Kmart 373737374377 Route 313 (Doylestown, Pennsylvania)Doylestown, Pennsylvania2 November 19891 December 2019Series 37L86,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 973397335820 Shaffer Road (DuBois, Pennsylvania)DuBois, Pennsylvania19 November 1981March 2017Expanded83,552 square feet (7,762.2 m2)
Kmart 34193419425 Hoffman Boulevard (Duquesne, Pennsylvania)Duquesne, Pennsylvania28 July 197713 April 2003Previously-owned building118,112 square feet (10,973.0 m2)Grant
Kmart 339433943200 West Ridge Pike (Eagleville, Pennsylvania)Eagleville, Pennsylvania5 August 197631 May 2009Previously-owned building103,688 square feet (9,632.9 m2)Grant
Kmart 34063406300 Lincoln Avenue (East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania)East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania24 February 1977July 2017Previously-owned building102,763 square feet (9,547.0 m2)Grant
Kmart 71927192320 South 25th Street (Easton, Pennsylvania)Easton, Pennsylvania14 June 19791 December 2019Expanded87,543 square feet (8,133.0 m2)
Kmart 32663266Mark Plaza (Edwardsville, Pennsylvania)18 Mark Plaza (Edwardsville, Pennsylvania)Edwardsville, Pennsylvania7 November 197418 April 2021Previously-owned building104,977 square feet (9,752.7 m2)Arlan's
Kmart 396339631605 South Market Street (Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania)Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania25 October 19931 December 2019Series 38L90,852 square feet (8,440.4 m2)Kmart #9755
Kmart 975597551278 South Market Street (Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania)Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania28 October 198224 October 1993
Kmart 91239123463 North Enola Road (Enola, Pennsylvania)Enola, Pennsylvania6 May 1976April 2018Previously-owned building54,000 square feet (5,000 m2)Grant
Kmart 966296621127 South State Street (Ephrata, Pennsylvania)Ephrata, Pennsylvania25 June 19812 February 2020Expanded88,842 square feet (8,253.7 m2)
Kmart 718771871320 East Grandview Boulevard (Erie, Pennsylvania)Erie, Pennsylvania3 November 1977March 2017Previously-owned building102,725 square feet (9,543.5 m2)Grant
Kmart 433443344401 Buffalo Road (Erie, Pennsylvania)Erie, Pennsylvania24 November 1969October 2017Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 411341132873 West 26th Street (Erie, Pennsylvania)Erie, Pennsylvania11 November 1965March 2019Expanded87,230 square feet (8,104 m2)
Kmart 392739277200 Peach Street (Erie, Pennsylvania)Erie, Pennsylvania19919 May 2010Series 3687,071 square feet (8,089.2 m2)
Kmart 32323232175 North Pottstown Pike (Exton, Pennsylvania)Exton, Pennsylvania13 November 19752016Pre-1987 Prototype96,268 square feet (8,943.6 m2)
Kmart 30283028176 West Street Road (Feasterville, Pennsylvania)Feasterville, Pennsylvania14 June 1973July 2017Pre-1987 Prototype94,500 square feet (8,780 m2)
Kmart 346034601874 Bethlehem Pike (Flourtown, Pennsylvania)Flourtown, Pennsylvania23 August 197913 April 2003Pre-1987 Prototype84,280 square feet (7,830 m2)
Kmart 34983498700 Schuylkill Mall (Frackville, Pennsylvania)Frackville, Pennsylvania9 October 198021 June 2015Pre-1987 Prototype90,313 square feet (8,390.4 m2)
Kmart 48744874491 Allegheny Boulevard (Franklin, Pennsylvania)Franklin, Pennsylvania25 May 1995April 2018Series 38R94,888 square feet (8,815.4 m2)
Kmart 39283928400 Northtowne Square (Gibsonia, Pennsylvania)Gibsonia, Pennsylvania199213 April 2003Series 35L86,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 40324032Greensburg Plaza (Greensburg, Pennsylvania)Rt 30 West (Greensburg, Pennsylvania)Greensburg, Pennsylvania1 August 19631996
Kmart 49604960400 Eisenhower Parkway (Hanover, Pennsylvania)Hanover, Pennsylvania12 February 19958 August 2004SK 3L166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)
Kmart 92099209North Hanover Mall (Hanover, Pennsylvania)Hanover, Pennsylvania28 July 19771995Previously-owned buildingTown & Country
Kmart 447944795050 Jonestown Road (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)Harrisburg, Pennsylvania22 November 1971April 2018Pre-1987 Prototype84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)
Kmart 770877085 Laurel Mall (Hazleton Township, Pennsylvania)Hazleton Township, Pennsylvania1 September 1994April 2018Previously-owned building116,490 square feet (10,822 m2)Ames
Kmart 92219221702 West Broad Street (Hazleton, Pennsylvania)Hazleton, Pennsylvania11 August 19771995Previously-owned buildingTown & Country
Kmart 382438242235 East State Street (Hermitage, Pennsylvania)Hermitage, Pennsylvania1 November 1990April 2018Series 3686,581 square feet (8,043.6 m2)
Kmart 35973597600 Macdade Boulevard (Holmes, Pennsylvania)Holmes, Pennsylvania21 July 19831 December 2019Previously-owned building105,673 square feet (9,817.3 m2)Woolco
Kmart 91529152Honesdale Plaza (Honesdale, Pennsylvania)Honesdale, Pennsylvania7 October 1976April 1995Previously-owned buildingGrant
Kmart 38853885650 Old Willow Avenue (Honesdale, Pennsylvania)Honesdale, Pennsylvania6 April 1995April 2018Series A 39R115,938 square feet (10,771.0 m2)
Kmart 747074701170 Mae Street (Hummelstown, Pennsylvania)Hummelstown, Pennsylvania24 March 19946 January 2019Series 37R104,231 square feet (9,683.4 m2)
Kmart 91389138Park Village Plaza (Hummelstown, Pennsylvania)583 Main Street (Hummelstown, Pennsylvania)Hummelstown, Pennsylvania19 August 197624 March 1994Previously-owned buildingGrant
Kmart 721772172334 Oakland Avenue (Indiana, Pennsylvania)Indiana, Pennsylvania1 November 1979September 2017Expanded87,543 square feet (8,133.0 m2)
Kmart 31833183Richland Mall (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)3244 Elton Road (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)Johnstown, Pennsylvania8 October 197423 May 2003Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 34163416East Towne Mall (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)2090 Lincoln Highway (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)Lancaster, Pennsylvania24 February 197726 April 2015Previously-owned building89,455 square feet (8,310.6 m2)Grant
Kmart 437343731890 Fruitville Pike (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)Lancaster, Pennsylvania14 May 197026 March 2017Expanded126,936 square feet (11,792.7 m2)
Kmart 318731871776 East Lincoln Highway (Langhorne, Pennsylvania)Langhorne, Pennsylvania21 November 1974June 2014Pre-1987 Prototype95,810 square feet (8,901 m2)
Kmart 391239121072 Mountain Laurel Plaza (Latrobe, Pennsylvania)Latrobe, Pennsylvania8 July 1991September 2018Pre-1987 Prototype86,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 92149214Latrobe 30 Shopping Plaza (Latrobe, Pennsylvania)Route 30 (Latrobe, Pennsylvania)Latrobe, Pennsylvania28 July 1977July 1991Previously-owned buildingKmart #3912Town & Country
Kmart 769976991745 Quentin Road (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)Lebanon, Pennsylvania6 April 19952 February 2020Series 40L113,442 square feet (10,539.1 m2)
Kmart 73727372451 Hude Park Road (Leechburg, Pennsylvania)Leechburg, Pennsylvania28 May 1981December 2019Expanded89,485 square feet (8,313.4 m2)
Kmart 97329732Clinton Plaza (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania)120 East Walnut Street (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania)Lock Haven, Pennsylvania19811992Kmart #4825
Kmart 38843884111 Hulst Drive (Matamoras, Pennsylvania)Suite 722 (Matamoras, Pennsylvania)Matamoras, Pennsylvania13 September 1993December 2018Series 39L111,858 square feet (10,391.9 m2)Kmart (Port Plaza Shopping Center, Port Jervis, New York)
Kmart 35773577555 Blazier Drive (McCandless, Pennsylvania)McCandless, Pennsylvania16 September 198218 November 1991Kmart #3895
Kmart 477047704041 Washington Road (McMurray, Pennsylvania)McMurray, Pennsylvania4 October 1993October 2018Series 38L91,266 square feet (8,478.9 m2)
Kmart 712971291125 Conneaut Lake Road (Meadville, Pennsylvania)Meadville, Pennsylvania24 February 1977July 2017Previously-owned building76,897 square feet (7,144.0 m2)Grant
Kmart 427542755600 Carlisle Pike (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania17 July 1969March 2017Expanded104,120 square feet (9,673 m2)
Kmart 482548251 Millbrook Plaza (Mill Hall, Pennsylvania)Mill Hall, Pennsylvania22 June 1992July 2017Series 38R95,893 square feet (8,908.8 m2)
Kmart 44294429120 Mall Boulevard (Monroeville, Pennsylvania)Monroeville, Pennsylvania12 July 1973March 2017Pre-1987 Prototype95,933 square feet (8,912.5 m2)
Kmart 493549352000 Marketplace Boulevard/Scott Boulevard (Moon Township, Pennsylvania)Moon Township, Pennsylvania13 November 19947 July 2013SK 3R166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)
Kmart 326432643382 Birney Plaza (Moosic, Pennsylvania)Moosic, Pennsylvania7 November 1974January 2018Previously-owned building104,952 square feet (9,750.4 m2)Arlan's
Kmart 97709770100 Crossroads Plaza (Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania)Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania24 June 1982March 2017Expanded83,536 square feet (7,760.7 m2)
Kmart 35933593Mount Pocono Plaza (Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania)601 State Route 940 (Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania)Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania26 July 1990July 2015Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 92349234North City Plaza (New Castle, Pennsylvania)3332 Wilmington Road (New Castle, Pennsylvania)New Castle, Pennsylvania30 March 19782002Previously-owned building52,621 square feet (4,888.7 m2)Grant
Kmart 70837083Lawrence Village Plaza (New Castle, Pennsylvania)2650 Ellwood Road (New Castle, Pennsylvania)New Castle, Pennsylvania17 March 19771 December 2019Expanded87,171 square feet (8,098.5 m2)
Kmart 40544054100 Tarentum Road (New Kensington, Pennsylvania)New Kensington, Pennsylvania27 February 19646 January 2019Expanded88,801 square feet (8,249.9 m2)
Kmart 302630262700 DeKalb Pike (Norristown, Pennsylvania)Norristown, Pennsylvania13 November 197531 May 2009Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 406440641901 Lincoln Highway (North Versailles, Pennsylvania)North Versailles, Pennsylvania19 November 1964February 2019Pre-1987 Prototype84,010 square feet (7,805 m2)
Kmart 7443744324 Airport Square (North Wales, Pennsylvania)801 Bethlehem Pike (North Wales, Pennsylvania)North Wales, Pennsylvania20 August 1981November 2000
Kmart 35163516424 Oregon Avenue West (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania13 November 19809 January 2011Expanded99,004 square feet (9,197.8 m2)
Kmart 39533953The Gallery (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)901 Market Street (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania26 November 199727 April 2014Previously-owned building122,253 square feet (11,357.7 m2)3L Clover
Kmart 938293828800 Frankford Avenue (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania15 August 19996 August 2016Previously-owned building79,854 square feet (7,418.7 m2)Clover
Kmart 352735277101 Roosevelt Boulevard (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania13 November 1980February 2019Undersized70,110 square feet (6,513 m2)
Kmart 93939393Leo Mall (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)11711 Bustleton Avenue (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania11 November 19992006Previously-owned building99,080 square feet (9,205 m2)Rickel
Kmart 311831188801 Torresdale Avenue (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania18 November 19761999
Kmart 719871983301 Aramingo Avenue (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania5 October 19788 April 2018Expanded65,322 square feet (6,068.6 m2)
Kmart 34543454900 Orthodox Street (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania12 March 198027 April 2014Pre-1987 Prototype84,280 square feet (7,830 m2)
Kmart 396439643000 Island Avenue (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania7 March 199916 March 2014Previously-owned building91,313 square feet (8,483.3 m2)Clover
Kmart 94219421101 East Olney Avenue (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania11 November 19992 June 2002Previously-owned building102,024 square feet (9,478.3 m2)Caldor
Kmart 940994091000 Nutt Road (Phoenixville, Pennsylvania)Phoenixville, Pennsylvania8 April 2001December 2018102,390 square feet (9,512 m2)
Kmart 389538953000 McIntyre Square Drive (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania18 November 1991July 2016Series 3691,892 square feet (8,537.0 m2)
Kmart 479347931775 South Braddock Avenue (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania11 November 1991July 2016Series 3686,555 square feet (8,041.2 m2)
Kmart 71227122Crafton-Ingram Shopping Center (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania9 September 197615 January 1995
Kmart 36163616Parkway Center Mall (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)875 Green Tree Road (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania1 May 198613 January 2013Previously-owned building87,762 square feet (8,153.4 m2)Gold Circle
Kmart 35293529996 West View Park Dr (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania12 November 1981March 2019Pre-1987 Prototype89,462 square feet (8,311.3 m2)
Kmart 40554055Rt 51 Plaza (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)720 Clairton Boulevard (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania22 October 196429 March 1999
Kmart 71427142Pittston Plaza (Pittston, Pennsylvania)1874 South Township Boulevard (Pittston, Pennsylvania)Pittston, Pennsylvania20 October 1977April 2018Previously-owned building87,983 square feet (8,173.9 m2)Grant
Kmart 94389438720 Clairton Boulevard (Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania)Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania24 September 20006 January 201999,210 square feet (9,217 m2)
Kmart 31963196Sanatoga Shopping Center (Pottstown, Pennsylvania)2200 East High Street (Pottstown, Pennsylvania)Pottstown, Pennsylvania19 September 1974September 2014Pre-1987 Prototype84,180 square feet (7,821 m2)
Kmart 72577257Trainers Corner (Quakertown, Pennsylvania)246 North West End Boulevard (Quakertown, Pennsylvania)Quakertown, Pennsylvania20 November 1980May 2016Expanded83,106 square feet (7,720.8 m2)
Kmart 33883388Madeira Plaza (Reading, Pennsylvania)3215 5th Street Highway (Reading, Pennsylvania)Reading, Pennsylvania11 August 197617 August 1992Previously-owned buildingGrant
Kmart 38273827Shelbourne Square (Reading, Pennsylvania)5410 Perkiomen Avenue (Reading, Pennsylvania)Reading, Pennsylvania19932 June 2002Previously-owned building105,212 square feet (9,774.5 m2)Ames
Kmart 484048403045 Fifth Street Highway (Reading, Pennsylvania)Reading, Pennsylvania17 August 1992July 2016Previously-owned building100,000 square feet (9,300 m2)Nichols (Korvette building)
Kmart 336433644365 Perkiomen Ave (Reading, Pennsylvania)Reiffton (Reading, Pennsylvania)Reading, Pennsylvania19 May 19771993
Kmart 754675461355 Allegheny Boulevard (Reno, Pennsylvania)Reno, Pennsylvania12 November 1981May 199568,896 square feet (6,400.6 m2)Kmart #4874Jamesway
Kmart 41194119750 Ohio River Boulevard (Rochester, Pennsylvania)Rochester, Pennsylvania2 March 196710 November 1988
Kmart 37103710300 Brighton Avenue (Rochester, Pennsylvania)Rochester, Pennsylvania10 November 1988December 2014Previously-owned building90,500 square feet (8,410 m2)Kaufmann's
Kmart 916691661000 North Elmira Street (Sayre, Pennsylvania)Sayre, Pennsylvania23 September 1976April 2018Previously-owned building99,992 square feet (9,289.6 m2)Grant
Kmart 40104010Shaler Plaza Shopping Center (Shaler Township, Pennsylvania)880 Butler Street (Shaler Township, Pennsylvania)Shaler Township, Pennsylvania31 October 19636 January 2019Expanded89,245 square feet (8,291.1 m2)
Kmart 707570753819 North Susquehanna Trail (Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania)Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania8 November 1979January 2018Expanded92,173 square feet (8,563.2 m2)
Kmart 313631361 Parkside Avenue (Shillington, Pennsylvania)Shillington, Pennsylvania25 July 19741 December 2019Pre-1987 Prototype94,500 square feet (8,780 m2)
Kmart 9769976940 Shippensburg Shopping Center (Shippensburg, Pennsylvania)Shippensburg, Pennsylvania2 June 19832013Expanded83,552 square feet (7,762.2 m2)
Kmart 9780978070 East Forrest Avenue#98 (Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania)Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania10 November 1983November 2000
Kmart 966996691606 North Center Avenue (Somerset, Pennsylvania)Somerset, Pennsylvania13 May 1982October 1995County Market (now Giant Eagle)
Kmart 30483048100 Valley Vista Drive (State College, Pennsylvania)State College, Pennsylvania29 November 19732002Pre-1987 Prototype84,155 square feet (7,818.3 m2)
Kmart 953995393205 Lincoln Highway (Thorndale, Pennsylvania)Thorndale, Pennsylvania5 March 1981December 2018Expanded101,101 square feet (9,392.6 m2)
Kmart 47134713Brandford Town Center (Towanda, Pennsylvania)328 Ennis Lane (Towanda, Pennsylvania)Towanda, Pennsylvania24 March 1994December 2019Series 38L91,266 square feet (8,478.9 m2)
Kmart 4936493699 Matthews Drive (Uniontown, Pennsylvania)Uniontown, Pennsylvania7 November 1994July 2016SK 3R166,453 square feet (15,464.0 m2)
Kmart 92129212Uniontown Shopping Center (Uniontown, Pennsylvania)900 Morgantown Road (Uniontown, Pennsylvania)Uniontown, Pennsylvania28 July 19777 November 1994Previously-owned buildingTown & Country
Kmart 39543954400 North Best Avenue (Walnutport, Pennsylvania)Walnutport, Pennsylvania20 July 199530 August 2020Series 39R116,671 square feet (10,839.1 m2)Kmart #9596
Kmart 95969596Walnutport Plaza (Walnutport, Pennsylvania)500 Main Street (Walnutport, Pennsylvania)Walnutport, Pennsylvania10 July 198020 July 1995Kmart #3954
Kmart 305130511133 York Road (Warminster, Pennsylvania)Warminster, Pennsylvania15 March 197317 March 2013Pre-1987 Prototype94,605 square feet (8,789.1 m2)
Kmart 952995291666 Market Street (Warren, Pennsylvania)Warren, Pennsylvania4 October 1979December 2014Expanded86,263 square feet (8,014.1 m2)
Kmart 40094009Washington Plaza (Washington, Pennsylvania)255 Murtland Avenue (Washington, Pennsylvania)Washington, Pennsylvania14 March 19634 March 199877,000 square feet (7,200 m2)The Home Depot #4129
Kmart 91409140706 East Main Street (Waynesboro, Pennsylvania)Waynesboro, Pennsylvania9 September 19762014Previously-owned building54,000 square feet (5,000 m2)Grant
Kmart 73747374985 Paoli Pike (West Chester, Pennsylvania)West Chester, Pennsylvania15 November 19798 December 2019Previously-owned building105,172 square feet (9,770.8 m2)Grandway
Kmart 36433643MacArthur Towne Center (Whitehall, Pennsylvania)2520 MacArthur Road (Whitehall, Pennsylvania)Whitehall, Pennsylvania3 November 1994November 2017Series 37L104,231 square feet (9,683.4 m2)
Kmart 32683268Blackman Plaza (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)910 Wilkes Barre Township Boulevard (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania7 November 19742 February 2020Previously-owned building104,955 square feet (9,750.6 m2)Arlan's
Kmart 71257125Hanover Mall (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)2280 Sans Souci Parkway (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania7 October 197617 May 2002Previously-owned building53,471 square feet (4,967.6 m2)Grant
Kmart 339033901915 East Third Street (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)Williamsport, Pennsylvania12 August 197616 February 2020Previously-owned building102,549 square feet (9,527.1 m2)Grant
Kmart 920192013500 West 4th Street (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)Williamsport, Pennsylvania1977Previously-owned buildingTown and Country
Kmart 311731172620 Moreland Road (Willow Grove, Pennsylvania)Willow Grove, Pennsylvania21 March 1974November 2017Pre-1987 Prototype94,500 square feet (8,780 m2)
Kmart 381038102600 North Willow Street Pike (Willow Street, Pennsylvania)Willow Street, Pennsylvania16 September 199118 April 2021Series 3686,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Kmart 39493949803 Male Road (Wind Gap, Pennsylvania)Wind Gap, Pennsylvania16 February 1995March 2020Series 38L90,852 square feet (8,440.4 m2)
Kmart 942294221000 Easton Road (Wyncote, Pennsylvania)Wyncote, Pennsylvania11 November 19992002Previously-owned building117,898 square feet (10,953.1 m2)Caldor (Korvette building)
Kmart 31023102Delco Plaza (York, Pennsylvania)1201 Carlisle Road (York, Pennsylvania)York, Pennsylvania8 September 19762003Previously-owned building89,000 square feet (8,300 m2)Grant
Kmart 431343131094 Haines Road (York, Pennsylvania)York, Pennsylvania5 November 1970September 2017Pre-1987 Prototype84,000 square feet (7,800 m2)

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