5000 Washington Avenue (Racine, Wisconsin)

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5000 Washington Avenue
General information
LocationRacine, Wisconsin
Coordinates42°43′09″N 87°50′23″W / 42.71911°N 87.83972°W / 42.71911; -87.83972Coordinates: 42°43′09″N 87°50′23″W / 42.71911°N 87.83972°W / 42.71911; -87.83972
Construction started1962
OwnerCIC Investments

5000 Washington Avenue is a building in Racine, Wisconsin, at the northwest corner of Washington Avenue and Perry Avenue. It is currently the location of Pizza Hut #13439.

History[edit | edit source]

George Henningsen, a building contractor with offices at 338 Main Street, began selling houses along the newly laid-out Perry Avenue near the "12th Street Road", now Washington Avenue, in 1927.[1] By 1931, the northwest corner of Washington and Perry was listed as Henningsen's workplace.[2] The spot, soon home to a private residence, was given an address of 5000 Washington Avenue, and in 1941, Woodward W. Shields and Boyd R. Adams were listed as residents of the house.[3]

Carrol's Drive-In (1962–1975)[edit | edit source]

Carrol's Drive-In opened on the site in May 1962. The restaurant featured 15-cent hamburgers.[4] In January 1969, the drive-in received a permit for a $15,000 addition to its building.[5] On July 30, 1969, a burglary took place at the restaurant, but it was undetermined how much money was taken.[6] On the night of April 26, 1971, an attempted armed robbery took place after hours at the restaurant, but employees were unable to open the safe and the two suspects fled before police arrived.[7] Two men were arrested on January 18, 1972, after a reported burglary.[8] A 17-year-old and a 14-year-old were arrested for armed robbery at the restaurant on September 28, 1974.[9] Carrol's Drive-In closed in 1975.

Pizza Hut #13439 (1975–present)[edit | edit source]

By 1975, Pizza Hut had a location on Racine's north side at 3016 Douglas Avenue, and had previously had a south side location at 2401 Lathrop Avenue. The company filed for a fermented malt beverage license at 5000 Washington Avenue in November 1975.[10] The restaurant started delivering pizzas around the start of July 1988, as part of a nationwide rollout of Pizza Hut delivery services, and partially in response to local competition.[11] In mid-September 1990, the restaurant's kitchen was closed for renovations, requiring the use of a portable kitchen inside a truck parked behind the restaurant.[12]

  • On June 19, 1983, coins were stolen from video machines at the restaurant during a break-in.[13]
  • On July 7, 1987, the fire department was called to the restaurant when a ventilator motor burned out.[14]
  • $662 in cash was stolen from the restaurant on January 2, 1990.[15]
  • On September 2, 2001, the restaurant was robbed by two people armed with what was believed to be a BB gun.[16]
  • The restaurant closed temporarily on October 26, 2010, due to a power outage caused by a tornado.[17]

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