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Bluepages uses spreadsheets to automatically generate thousands of articles based on existing data sources. These articles are typically very short and contain only the most basic information about their topic. These automatically generated articles may be very low in quality, but they're still useful to our directory – think of them like planting seeds that require some special attention to grow into full-fledged plants. They offer tons of opportunities for other new articles to create, which appear as red links in the article's text.

Creating spreadsheets[edit source]

Any spreadsheet Bluepages uses to create articles must be based on an existing source or group of sources. It will typically be about a particular chain of stores, restaurants, or other related organizations, so that the basic format of each article can be essentially the same. Such a spreadsheet should contain the "store number" or other unique internal designation of the location within the chain (e.g., Kmart store #4477), as well as the location's address, geographical coordinates, and the dates it opened and closed. This is typically all that's needed for an automatically generated article; any other information you may have about the location should probably be added manually after the article has been automatically created. If you have good data sources to use for creating articles, please contact the Bluepages administrator here.