Kmart 3005

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Kmart #3005
Store number3005
Address7900 Melton Road
CityGary, Indiana
OpenedSeptember 1973
ClosedFebruary 12, 1995
Retail floor area[convert: needs a number]
Coordinates41°35′50″N 87°14′32″W / 41.597304°N 87.242118°W / 41.597304; -87.242118Coordinates: 41°35′50″N 87°14′32″W / 41.597304°N 87.242118°W / 41.597304; -87.242118

Kmart #3005 was a Kmart discount department store located at 7900 Melton Road in Gary, Indiana. The store opened September 1973 and closed February 12, 1995. the inside was similar to kmart in coal township, Pennsylvania, Which Closed in November 2000 until a couple of years when truck life opened.[1]

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