Kmart 3021

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Kmart #3021
Store number3021
Address603 Center Street
CityAuburn, Maine
OpenedAugust 31, 1972
ClosedDecember 2019
Retail floor area105,343 square feet (9,786.7 m2)
Coordinates44°07′26″N 70°13′22″W / 44.123888°N 70.222914°W / 44.123888; -70.222914Coordinates: 44°07′26″N 70°13′22″W / 44.123888°N 70.222914°W / 44.123888; -70.222914

Kmart #3021 was a Kmart discount department store located at 603 Center Street in Auburn, Maine. The store opened August 31, 1972. and closed December 2019.[1]

The March 2017 Incident[edit | edit source]

in March 2017, Elizabeth Ross tried to steal cash from a customer, John Thomson, as he waited for his receipt at the desk. As Thomson waited, Ross appeared from behind, said, “I’ll take that,” and shoved him, trying to get away. However, Thomson was able to hang onto the cash and a struggle ensued. According to the affidavit, Thomson wrestled Ross to the floor, and yelled, “She is taking my money; call security.” The arresting officer said that when he arrived, Ross was lying on the floor with “several people,” including Kmart employees and a security guard, holding her down by her legs and arms. A $100 bill of Thomson’s was ripped during the robbery. Police found that Ross had several items of clothing with Kmart tags under the clothing she was wearing, worth about $95. She was also in possession of suboxone, a drug used to treat opiate addiction.

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