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Kmart #3315
Store number3315
LocationGreenur Mall
AddressDiederich Boulevard
CityAshland, Kentucky
ClosedFebruary 1995
Retail floor area[convert: needs a number]
Coordinates38°28′26″N 82°38′53″W / 38.473824°N 82.647933°W / 38.473824; -82.647933Coordinates: 38°28′26″N 82°38′53″W / 38.473824°N 82.647933°W / 38.473824; -82.647933

Kmart #3315 was a Kmart discount department store located at Greenur Mall, Diederich Boulevard in Ashland, Kentucky. The store opened in 1975 and closed February 1995.[1]

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