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Kmart #3367
Store number3367
LocationThe Brickyard Mall
Address6435 West Diversey Avenue
CityChicago, Illinois
OpenedMarch 16, 1977
ClosedNovember 11, 2000
Retail floor area105,608 square feet (9,811.3 m2)
Coordinates41°55′23″N 87°49′07″W / 41.923181°N 87.818509°W / 41.923181; -87.818509Coordinates: 41°55′23″N 87°49′07″W / 41.923181°N 87.818509°W / 41.923181; -87.818509

Kmart #3367 was a Kmart discount department store located at The Brickyard Mall, 6435 West Diversey Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. The store opened on March 16, 1977, as an original anchor tenant of The Brickyard Mall, and closed on November 11, 2000,[1] as part of a closure of 72 less-profitable stores.[2] "The Brickyard's K-Mart is the first of several such discount stores planned by Kresge's for the city of Chicago. The new K-mart is the 112th in the state of Illinois. The 105,658 square-foot department store includes sections for clothing, hardware and home improvement, cameras and appliances, sports and camping."[3]

History[edit | edit source]

In April 1997, store #3367 became the first Kmart store to be expanded into the chain's new Big Kmart concept.[4]

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