Kmart 3488

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Kmart #3488
Store number3488
Address5905 Florida Boulevard
CityBaton Rouge, Louisiana
OpenedOctober 19, 1978
TypePreviously-owned building
Retail floor area86,250 square feet (8,013 m2)
Previous tenantGlobe Shopping City
Coordinates30°27′11″N 91°07′43″W / 30.45305°N 91.12874°W / 30.45305; -91.12874Coordinates: 30°27′11″N 91°07′43″W / 30.45305°N 91.12874°W / 30.45305; -91.12874

Kmart #3488 was a Kmart discount department store located at 5905 Florida Boulevard in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The store opened on October 19, 1978 as the fourth Kmart in Baton Rouge, the 19th Kmart in Louisiana, and one of 13 stores to open that day for a total of 1,472 Kmarts overall. The store closed in 1994.[1]

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