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Coordinates: 31°47′23″N 106°24′17″W / 31.789612°N 106.404694°W / 31.789612; -106.404694

Kmart #3491
Montana Kmart.jpg
Store number3491
LocationKmart Plaza
Address6375 Montana Boulevard
CityEl Paso, Texas
OpenedOctober 12, 1978
ClosedSeptember 3, 2017
TypePreviously-owned building
Retail floor area81,902 square feet (7,608.9 m2)
Previous tenantGlobe Shopping City
Next tenantBig Lots #4702

Kmart #3491 was a Kmart discount department store located at Kmart Plaza, 6375 Montana Avenue in El Paso, Texas.[1] The store opened on October 12, 1978.[2] It was tied with Kmart 3452 for the fifth Kmart in El Paso, and the 72nd Kmart in Texas. In 1991, the store would be remodeled.[3] In 1999, the store would be converted to Big Kmart.[4] The store ultimately closed on September 3, 2017.[5][6]

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