Kmart 3584

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Kmart #3584
Store number3584
Address6525 Glacier Highway
CityJuneau, Alaska
ClosedApril 13, 2003
TypeSpecial building
Retail floor area124,013 square feet (11,521.2 m2)
Coordinates58°21′30″N 134°30′54″W / 58.358396°N 134.514918°W / 58.358396; -134.514918Coordinates: 58°21′30″N 134°30′54″W / 58.358396°N 134.514918°W / 58.358396; -134.514918

Kmart #3584 was a Super Kmart Center discount department store located at 6525 Glacier Highway in Juneau, Alaska. The store opened 1994 and closed April 13, 2003.[1] The store was converted into a Super Kmart Center in 2001.[2]

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