Kmart 3665

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Kmart #3665
Store number3665
Address4200 East Judge Perez Drive
CityMeraux, Louisiana
ClosedAugust 2005
TypeSeries 36
Retail floor area86,580 square feet (8,044 m2)
Coordinates29°56′06″N 89°55′20″W / 29.935110°N 89.922257°W / 29.935110; -89.922257Coordinates: 29°56′06″N 89°55′20″W / 29.935110°N 89.922257°W / 29.935110; -89.922257

Kmart #3665 was a Kmart discount department store located at 4200 East Judge Perez Drive in Meraux, Louisiana. The store opened 1988 and closed in August 2005 due to damage from Hurricane Katrina This is a link to a Wikipedia article.[1]

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