Kmart 3736

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Kmart #3736
Store number3736
LocationWestridge Court
Address204 South Route 59
CityNaperville, Illinois
ClosedOctober 1998
TypeSeries 36L
ReplacedKmart #3588
Replaced byKmart #9361
Coordinates41°46′09″N 88°12′14″W / 41.769028°N 88.203751°W / 41.769028; -88.203751Coordinates: 41°46′09″N 88°12′14″W / 41.769028°N 88.203751°W / 41.769028; -88.203751

Kmart #3736 was a Kmart discount department store located in the Westridge Court shopping center at 204 South Route 59 in Naperville, Illinois. The store opened in 1990 and closed in October 1998 and was replaced by Kmart 9361 in the former Venture 65 building. It was downsized before it's closure, The store replaced #3588.[1]

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