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Kmart #3841
Store number3841
LocationMarshall Plaza
Address15861 West Michigan Avenue
CityMarshall, Michigan
OpenedNovember 15, 1990
ClosedNovember 21 2021
TypeSeries 36
Retail floor area86,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
ReplacedKmart #9315
Coordinates42°16′13″N 84°59′21″W / 42.270164°N 84.989195°W / 42.270164; -84.989195Coordinates: 42°16′13″N 84°59′21″W / 42.270164°N 84.989195°W / 42.270164; -84.989195

Kmart #3841 was a Kmart discount department store located at Marshall Plaza, 15861 West Michigan Avenue in Marshall, Michigan. The store opened on November 15, 1990 and was the last remaining Kmart store in Michigan and in the Midwest. However on September 24, 2021 it was announced that Marshall Michigan will be closing on November 21 2021. The store has permanently closed on November 21, 2021 leaving Kmart absent in the Midwest region and in it's homestate where it was founded.[1]

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