Kmart 3842

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Kmart #3842
Store number3842
Address175 South Maag Avenue
CityOakdale, California
OpenedSeptember 23, 1991
ClosedDecember 2019
TypeSeries 36
Retail floor area86,079 square feet (7,997.0 m2)
Coordinates37°46′19″N 120°49′49″W / 37.772071°N 120.830390°W / 37.772071; -120.830390Coordinates: 37°46′19″N 120°49′49″W / 37.772071°N 120.830390°W / 37.772071; -120.830390

Kmart #3842 was a Kmart discount department store located at 175 South Maag Avenue in Oakdale, California. The store opened September 23, 1991 and closed December 2019. Customers and employees evacuated the Kmart store in Oakdale on August 22, 2018 because of small fires believed to be arson. The store First Closed during that date.[1]

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