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Kmart #3891
Store number3891
Address1840 Dell Range Boulevard
CityCheyenne, Wyoming
OpenedJuly 29, 1991
ClosedMarch 26, 2017
TypeSeries 37L
Retail floor area104,828 square feet (9,738.8 m2)
ReplacedKmart #4413 and Kmart #7424
Next tenantHobby Lobby #164
Coordinates41°09′43″N 104°47′45″W / 41.162060°N 104.795746°W / 41.162060; -104.795746Coordinates: 41°09′43″N 104°47′45″W / 41.162060°N 104.795746°W / 41.162060; -104.795746

Kmart #3891[1] was a Kmart discount department store located at 1840 Dell Range Boulevard in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The store opened on July 29, 1991 with a grand opening ceremony held on Thursday, August 1st, 1991 at 9 AM, set to take the place of Cheyenne's other Kmart locations (Store #4413 on E Pershing Blvd and Store #7424 on Yellowstone Road). From the start, the store had a pharmacy and computerized systems in place, and it was supposed to be the first of its kind in the Front Range.[2]

The K-Cafe that was present in the southeast corner of the store (just to the right of the main entry) closed by 2014, soon after which products began to be placed in the area.[3]

In January 2017, the store was announced that it would be one out of 78 stores set to close in Spring.[4] It closed at the end of March 2017.[5] It was replaced by Hobby Lobby.[6]

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