Kmart 3896

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Kmart #3896
Store number3896
AddressCastro Perez Avenue
CitySan German, Puerto Rico
ClosedFebruary 2019
TypeSpecial building
Retail floor area86,479 square feet (8,034.2 m2)
Coordinates18°06′48″N 67°02′23″W / 18.113284°N 67.039706°W / 18.113284; -67.039706Coordinates: 18°06′48″N 67°02′23″W / 18.113284°N 67.039706°W / 18.113284; -67.039706

Kmart #3896 was a Kmart discount department store located at Castro Perez Avenue in San German, Puerto Rico. The store opened 1991 and closed in February 2019. lists the location as of April 17, 2019, but it was included on the February 2019 closure list[1]

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