Kmart 3919

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Kmart #3919
Store number3919
LocationMontwood Square
Address11330 Montwood Drive
CityEl Paso, Texas
OpenedNovember 15, 1990
ClosedJuly 31, 2016
TypeSeries 36L
Retail floor area86,904 square feet (8,073.6 m2)
Next tenantPlanet Fitness
Coordinates31°46′02″N 106°18′04″W / 31.76736°N 106.30099°W / 31.76736; -106.30099Coordinates: 31°46′02″N 106°18′04″W / 31.76736°N 106.30099°W / 31.76736; -106.30099

Kmart #3919 was a Kmart discount department store located at Montwood Square, 11330 Montwood Drive in El Paso, Texas.[1] The store opened on November 15, 1990,[2] with a formal grand opening ceremony on November 18.[3] In 1999, the store would be converted to Big Kmart.[4] In 2002, the store would have self-checkouts installed.[5] The store closed on July 31, 2016.[6]

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