Kmart 3935

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Kmart #3935
Store number3935
LocationIrving Square
Address3500 West Airport Freeway
CityIrving, Texas
OpenedNovember 25, 1991
ClosedApril 13, 2003
TypeSeries 37L
Retail floor area111,269 square feet (10,337.2 m2)
ReplacedKmart 4133
Coordinates32°50′00″N 96°59′43″W / 32.83322°N 96.99541°W / 32.83322; -96.99541Coordinates: 32°50′00″N 96°59′43″W / 32.83322°N 96.99541°W / 32.83322; -96.99541

Kmart #3935 was a Kmart discount department store located at Irving Square, 3500 West Airport Freeway in Irving, Texas.[1] The store opened on November 25, 1991 replacing Kmart 4133,[1] with a formal grand opening ceremony on November 29,[2] and was converted to Big Kmart in 1998.[3] The store closed on April 13, 2003,[4] and was torn down for Lowe's Home Improvement 1811. Prior to Kmart, the site was previously occupied by Freeway Furniture.

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