Kmart 3948

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Kmart #3948
San Pedro Super K.jpg
Store when open
Store number3948
Address12300 San Pedro Avenue
CitySan Antonio, Texas
OpenedFebruary 25, 1994
ClosedJune 2, 2002
TypeSK 3R
Retail floor area170,049 square feet (15,798.1 m2)
ReplacedKmart #3492
Next tenantNorthside Ford
Coordinates29°33′05″N 98°29′07″W / 29.55140°N 98.48524°W / 29.55140; -98.48524Coordinates: 29°33′05″N 98°29′07″W / 29.55140°N 98.48524°W / 29.55140; -98.48524

Kmart #3948 was a Super Kmart Center discount department store located at 12300 San Pedro Avenue in San Antonio, Texas.[1] The store opened on February 25, 1994, followed by a formal grand opening ceremony on March 3.[2] It was the replacement store for Kmart 3492. The store ultimately closed on June 2, 2002.[3][4]

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