Kmart 3974

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Kmart #3974
Store number3974
Address4080 West Shaw Avenue
CityFresno, California
OpenedNovember 16, 1992
ClosedJune 2, 2002
Retail floor area190,308 square feet (17,680.2 m2)
ReplacedKmart #4068 (in 1994)
Coordinates36°48′38″N 119°51′50″W / 36.810489°N 119.863874°W / 36.810489; -119.863874Coordinates: 36°48′38″N 119°51′50″W / 36.810489°N 119.863874°W / 36.810489; -119.863874

Kmart #3974 was a Super Kmart Center discount department store located at 4080 West Shaw Avenue in Fresno, California. The store opened on November 16, 1992 as a regular Kmart, and a grand opening celebration was held on November 19.[1] It was converted into the first Super Kmart in California, which opened on September 18, 1994. The unveiling of the new grocery section was protested by the United Food and Commercial Workers union because the store's employees were not unionized.[2] The store closed on June 2, 2002.[3][4]

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