Kmart 4023

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Kmart #4023
K-Mart Ga St1967.jpg
Store in 1967, prior to the 1998 expansion
Store number4023
LocationKmart Plaza
Address2747 Duniven Circle
CityAmarillo, Texas
OpenedNovember 23, 1962
ClosedApril 13, 2003
Retail floor area113,104 square feet (10,507.7 m2)
Coordinates35°11′22″N 101°52′09″W / 35.18932°N 101.86909°W / 35.18932; -101.86909Coordinates: 35°11′22″N 101°52′09″W / 35.18932°N 101.86909°W / 35.18932; -101.86909

Kmart #4023 was a Kmart discount department store located at Kmart Plaza, 2747 Duniven Circle in Amarillo, Texas.[1] The store opened on November 23, 1962 as the first Kmart in Amarillo, one of two stores to open that day for a total of 17 Kmarts overall, and was tied with Kmart 4025 for the fifth Kmart in Texas.[2] In 1998, the store expanded into the former Kmart Foods from a pre-1972 full-size model Kmart and was remodeled to a Big Kmart, with a grand reopening ceremony in November.[3] The store ultimately closed on April 13, 2003,[4] and was demolished for The Home Depot 6831.[5]

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