Kmart 4201

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Kmart #4201
Store number4201
LocationEastridge Plaza
Address1120 McRae Boulevard
CityEl Paso, Texas
OpenedAugust 3, 1967
ClosedMarch 26, 2017
Retail floor area98,495 square feet (9,150.5 m2)
Next tenantAt Home 120 (store) and Brake Masters (auto center)
Coordinates31°45′35″N 106°21′12″W / 31.75974°N 106.35328°W / 31.75974; -106.35328Coordinates: 31°45′35″N 106°21′12″W / 31.75974°N 106.35328°W / 31.75974; -106.35328

Kmart #4201 was a Kmart discount department store located at Eastridge Plaza, 1120 McRae Boulevard in El Paso, Texas.[1] The store opened on August 3, 1967,[2] would be expanded and remodeled from a pre-1972 full-size model Kmart in 1991,[3] and converted to Big Kmart in 1999.[4] The store closed on March 26, 2017.[5]

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