Kmart 4316

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Kmart #4316
Store number4316
Address500 Redwood Street
CityVallejo, California
ClosedJanuary 1996
Retail floor area128,561 square feet (11,943.7 m2)
Coordinates38°07′28″N 122°15′26″W / 38.124569°N 122.257210°W / 38.124569; -122.257210Coordinates: 38°07′28″N 122°15′26″W / 38.124569°N 122.257210°W / 38.124569; -122.257210

Kmart #4316 was a Kmart discount department store located at 500 Redwood Street in Vallejo, California. The store opened sometime in 1969 and closed January 1996. "This store was billed 'largest Kmart among the 237 operating across the United States' with the building totaling 128,561 [square] feet"; closed and abandoned by 2004[1]

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