Kmart 4363

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Kmart #4363
Store number4363
Address7055 East Broadway Boulevard
CityTucson, Arizona
OpenedJune 4, 1970
ClosedJune 12, 1998
Retail floor area[convert: needs a number]
Coordinates32°13′20″N 110°50′33″W / 32.222201°N 110.842363°W / 32.222201; -110.842363Coordinates: 32°13′20″N 110°50′33″W / 32.222201°N 110.842363°W / 32.222201; -110.842363

Kmart #4363 was a Kmart discount department store located at 7055 East Broadway Boulevard in Tucson, Arizona. The store opened June 4, 1970 and closed June 12, 1998. Converted to Super Kmart (then Big Kmart), "Tucson's first and last Kmart"[1]

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