Kmart 4384

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Kmart #4384
Store number4384
Address537 North Hicks Road
CityPalatine, Illinois
TypePre-1987 Prototype
Retail floor area100,685 square feet (9,353.9 m2)
Coordinates42°07′12″N 88°01′55″W / 42.120121°N 88.031907°W / 42.120121; -88.031907Coordinates: 42°07′12″N 88°01′55″W / 42.120121°N 88.031907°W / 42.120121; -88.031907

Kmart #4384 was a Kmart discount department store located at 537 North Hicks Road in Palatine, Illinois. The store opened 1972 and closed 2004. converted to Sears Essentials 2005, which closed 2010[1]

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