Kmart 4725

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Kmart #4725
Store number4725
Address2928 North Roosevelt Boulevard
CityKey West, Florida
OpenedOctober 21, 1991
ClosedMarch 13, 2022
TypePreviously-owned building
Retail floor area85,185 square feet (7,913.9 m2)
Previous tenantAmes
Coordinates24°33′58″N 81°46′20″W / 24.565976°N 81.772102°W / 24.565976; -81.772102Coordinates: 24°33′58″N 81°46′20″W / 24.565976°N 81.772102°W / 24.565976; -81.772102

Kmart #4725 is a Kmart discount department store located at 2928 North Roosevelt Boulevard in Key West, Florida. The store opened October 21, 1991 and closed. As of November 2021 it is the last remaining Kmart in the Florida Keys with the last one in the mainlands of Florida. [1] On January 10, 2022 it was announced that Key West FL will be closing sometime before January 16, 2022 However the closing date has changed and article confirmed that Key West FL will be closing on March 13, 2022 instead before January 16, 2022 the reason for the closure is due to a lease termination in favor of a Publix store.

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