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Kmart #4779
Store number4779
Address151 Easy Street
CityWenatchee, Washington
ClosedAugust 2006
TypeSeries 37L
Retail floor area104,231 square feet (9,683.4 m2)
ReplacedKmart #7011
Coordinates47°28′12″N 120°20′09″W / 47.470043°N 120.335712°W / 47.470043; -120.335712Coordinates: 47°28′12″N 120°20′09″W / 47.470043°N 120.335712°W / 47.470043; -120.335712

Kmart #4779 was a Kmart discount department store located at 151 Easy Street in Wenatchee, Washington. The store opened in 1993 and closed in August 2006. Originally planned to close during Kmart's first bankruptcy in 2003, it was decided to keep it open.[1]

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