Kmart 4809

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Kmart #4809
Store number4809
Address5000 San Dario Avenue
CityLaredo, Texas
OpenedNovember 14, 1996
ClosedSeptember 2, 2018
TypeSeries 39R
Retail floor area111,942 square feet (10,399.8 m2)
ReplacedKmart 3505
Next tenantAt Home 256 and Ashley HomeStore
Coordinates27°32′45″N 99°30′05″W / 27.54577°N 99.50139°W / 27.54577; -99.50139Coordinates: 27°32′45″N 99°30′05″W / 27.54577°N 99.50139°W / 27.54577; -99.50139

Kmart #4809 was a Kmart discount department store located at 5000 San Dario Avenue in Laredo, Texas.[1] The store opened on November 14, 1996 replacing Kmart 3505, with a formal grand opening ceremony on November 17,[2] would be converted to Big Kmart in 1998,[3] and would have self-checkouts installed in 2001.[4] The store closed on September 2, 2018.[5]

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