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Kmart #4873
Store number4873
Address2209 West DeKalb Street
CityCamden, South Carolina
OpenedNovember 2, 1992
ClosedJuly 2016
TypeSeries 38L
Retail floor area94,840 square feet (8,811 m2)
Coordinates34°14′50″N 80°35′53″W / 34.247141°N 80.597929°W / 34.247141; -80.597929Coordinates: 34°14′50″N 80°35′53″W / 34.247141°N 80.597929°W / 34.247141; -80.597929

Kmart #4873 was a Kmart discount department store located at 2209 West DeKalb Street in Camden, South Carolina. The store opened November 2, 1992, but 20 years after it Opened, Kershaw County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a man in connection with an armed robbery on February 23, 2013. However, the Store Reopened in March 2013. [1] Later Then, The Store Permanently closed in July 2016.[2]

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