Kmart 4911

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Kmart #4911
Store number4911
Address1800 West Valencia Road
CityTucson, Arizona
OpenedJuly 18, 1994
ClosedApril 13, 2003
TypeSK 2R
Retail floor area190,174 square feet (17,667.7 m2)
ReplacedKmart #3134, #4440, and #7514
Replaced byLowe's Home Improvement 1791
Coordinates32°08′07″N 111°00′17″W / 32.135380°N 111.004664°W / 32.135380; -111.004664Coordinates: 32°08′07″N 111°00′17″W / 32.135380°N 111.004664°W / 32.135380; -111.004664

Kmart #4911 was a Super Kmart Center discount department store located at 1800 West Valencia Road in Tucson, Arizona. The store opened July 18, 1994. It was announced on January 15, 2003 that the store would permanently close as part of Kmart's bankruptcy store closures. The store closed on April 13, 2003, along with many other stores. [1] On April 30, 2004, it was replaced by Lowe's Home Improvement 1791. The store was never demolished, and still remains today, but the original left entrance was removed for lumber pickups, and the Penske auto center, along with the indoor garden section, were removed for more outdoor garden space. The main Lowe's entrance was the right entrance, the restaurant windows stand in place, and the "Super Kmart Center" label scar remains visible by a small portion, although four squares remain the where the "K" was.

Food diversion scheme[edit | edit source]

In 1995, Ezequiel Rodriguez, an employee of the store, devised a scheme to defraud Kmart. He ordered food products from food manufacturers, on behalf of Kmart, then sold it to Plateau Sales, a food broker from Denver. Rather than paying the cash to Kmart, he kept the cash. Rodriguez and his wife were found guilty on April 24, 2001.[2]

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