Target T-2438

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Target T-2438
Store numberT-2438
NameSan Marcos
LocationStonecreek Crossing
Address700 Barnes Drive
CitySan Marcos, Texas
OpenedMarch 4, 2009
MarketAustin–San Marcos
ReplacedTarget T-1203
Coordinates29°50′47″N 97°58′16″W / 29.84651°N 97.97103°W / 29.84651; -97.97103Coordinates: 29°50′47″N 97°58′16″W / 29.84651°N 97.97103°W / 29.84651; -97.97103

Target T-2438, also known as San Marcos, is a Target discount department store located at Stonecreek Crossing, 700 Barnes Drive in San Marcos, Texas.[1] The store opened on March 4, 2009,[2] followed by a formal grand opening ceremony on March 8.[3] It was the replacement store for Target T-1203.

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