West Racine Post Office (Wisconsin)

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West Racine Post Office
Address1300 Perry Avenue
CityRacine, Wisconsin
ZIP code(s) served53406
OpenedMay 4, 1988
ReplacedLocation at 1219 Grove Avenue
Coordinates42°42′58″N 87°50′24″W / 42.7161753°N 87.840087°W / 42.7161753; -87.840087Coordinates: 42°42′58″N 87°50′24″W / 42.7161753°N 87.840087°W / 42.7161753; -87.840087

The West Racine Post Office is a U.S. Post Office located at 1300 Perry Avenue in Racine, Wisconsin.[1][2] Established in 1949 as a branch of the Racine Post Office to better serve the city's rapidly growing west side, the office was originally located in a leased space at 1219 Grove Avenue. In 1988, it moved to its present, purpose-built location because of overcrowding issues.

History[edit | edit source]

West Racine Post Office
Address1219 Grove Avenue
CityRacine, Wisconsin
ZIP code(s) served53406
OpenedApril 4, 1949
ClosedMay 2, 1988
Replaced byLocation at 1300 Perry Avenue

In 1948, the West Racine Businessmen's Association pushed for the creation of a branch of the Racine Post Office to serve the rapidly growing western part of the city. On July 26, 1948, fourth postmaster general Walter Myers ordered the construction of a 23 feet (7.0 m)-by-78 feet (24 m) building at 1219 Grove Avenue.[3] The new office was planned to begin service on March 7, 1949,[4] but these plans were delayed by issues in procuring equipment.[5] The West Racine Post Office opened on April 4,[6] with brisk business and long waiting lines throughout the first morning.[7] A formal opening ceremony followed on April 8, sponsored by dozens of local businesses.[8]

In March 1956, construction began on an extension to the post office building, as well as a loading dock in the neighboring alley.[9] In November 1964, it received approval to annex the neighboring building, 1217 Grove Avenue, then occupied by Gustafson's Mari Gold Dairy Store.[10] This expansion, completed around May 1, 1965, doubled the post office's floor space.[11]

By 1984, the West Racine Post Office suffered from serious overcrowding. The Postal Service was also concerned by the office's location in a leased building, rather than one owned by the Postal Service. In December of that year, it announced plans to purchase land and construct a new building at the northwest corner of Wright Avenue and Perry Avenue.[12] Construction of the new post office began in June 1987.[13]

The final day of service at the old West Racine location was May 2, 1988. There was no window service in West Racine on May 3, as Merchants Moving and Storage spent the day moving equipment into the new facility, but mail delivery in the area was unaffected. The new post office at 1300 Perry Avenue opened on May 4.[14][15] The mailboxes in the post office parking lot caused traffic issues and accidents, requiring them to be moved to the curb of Perry Avenue, where they led motorists to drive on the wrong side of the street to reach them more quickly.[16]

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