Kmart 3202

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Kmart #3202
Store number3202
Address700 Broadway
CityWestwood, New Jersey
OpenedOctober 21, 1982
TypePre-1987 Prototype
Retail floor area89,458 square feet (8,310.9 m2)
Coordinates40°59′53″N 74°02′15″W / 40.997919°N 74.037459°W / 40.997919; -74.037459Coordinates: 40°59′53″N 74°02′15″W / 40.997919°N 74.037459°W / 40.997919; -74.037459

Kmart #3202 is a Kmart discount department store located at 700 Broadway in Westwood, New Jersey. The store opened October 21, 1982 and closed .[1] On December 11, 2021 rumors have spread about Westwood NJ and the rest of the Kmart locations closing all locations by March 2022, However this rumor is not confirmed as of December 2021.

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