Kmart 3430

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Kmart #3430
Store number3430
Address1716 Jantzen Beach Center
CityPortland, Oregon
OpenedNovember 21, 1977
TypePre-1987 Prototype
Retail floor area84,009 square feet (7,804.7 m2)
Coordinates45°36′46″N 122°41′05″W / 45.612863°N 122.684832°W / 45.612863; -122.684832Coordinates: 45°36′46″N 122°41′05″W / 45.612863°N 122.684832°W / 45.612863; -122.684832

Kmart #3430 was a Kmart discount department store located at 1716 Jantzen Beach Center in Portland, Oregon. The store opened November 21, 1977 and closed 2003. Now a Burlington store. The typical Kmart entrance opened into the enclosed Jantzen Beach mall, and was relocated to the east side of the building when the enclosed mall was torn down for redevelopment.[1]

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