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Kmart #3554
Store number3554
Address3330 West Division Street
CitySt. Cloud, Minnesota
OpenedNovember 20, 1980
Retail floor area[convert: needs a number]
Coordinates45°33′11″N 94°11′55″W / 45.553192°N 94.198495°W / 45.553192; -94.198495Coordinates: 45°33′11″N 94°11′55″W / 45.553192°N 94.198495°W / 45.553192; -94.198495

Kmart #3554 was a Kmart discount department store located at 3330 West Division Street in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The store opened November 20, 1980 and closed unknown. former Zayre's, closed early 90s, later became Circuit City[1]

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