Kmart 3786

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Kmart #3786
Store number3786
LocationMedwick Market Place
Address1105 North Court Street
CityMedina, Ohio
OpenedJuly 22, 1991
ClosedMay 6, 2012
TypeSK 1L
Retail floor area148,056 square feet (13,754.9 m2)
Coordinates41°06′36″N 81°51′18″W / 41.109975°N 81.855048°W / 41.109975; -81.855048Coordinates: 41°06′36″N 81°51′18″W / 41.109975°N 81.855048°W / 41.109975; -81.855048

Kmart #3786 was a Super Kmart Center discount department store located at Medwick Market Place, 1105 North Court Street in Medina, Ohio. The store opened July 22, 1991 and closed on May 6, 2012. First Super Kmart Center, Pam Walton visited grand opening and Walmart Supercenter #1894 later opened across the street, grocery section closed and store became simply Kmart 4/1/2011[1] The store ultimately closed shortly after on May 6, 2012. It is still vacant to this day.

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